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Friday, April 16, 2010

Came across this nice review for Phantom/Captain Action #1 over at brokenfrontier.com. What really struck me was this particular statement...

"Artist Reno Maniquis never strays from the grid format during talk portions of the story and rarely ever stays within panel borders during a brawl. This pattern he sets focuses the reader’s attention on the many action scenes. It gives the sense that the talking parts are small breaks between fights, which makes the story move at a fast pace."

I never really noticed myself doing that kind of thing when I draw. But looking back at the pages I drew, it's kind of amusing to see that, yeah, I really do stick to the grid format during quiet scenes, and then my characters break out of the panels while in action. I guess it's something that I'm doing subconsciously.

Read the full review at the link above or click here.

REMINDER: Summer Komikon 2010 is tomorrow, April 17! I urge everyone reading this to attend, although I myself am not sure if I can make it. :P

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Phantom/Captain Action #1 will now be out in April instead of this week.

But you can still see the preview pages here. :)