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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Employment Opportunities...

Anyone out there needs a job? See below for some jobs you might be qualified for:

A. Graphic Artist:
1. Preferably male but female applicants are okay
2. Accepting fresh graduates as long as he/she knows how to do FA (final art)
for offset printing
3. Proficient in the use of Adobe Illustrator (very important)

B. Technical Assistant:
1. Female with pleasing personality
2. Can operate simple machines (but will be trained once accepted)
3. Can handle walk-in clients
4. Computer literate, fast learner
5. Honest and punctual
6. Undergraduates are welcome to apply

C. Account Executive:
1. Female, with pleasing personality
2. Responsible, hardworking
3. Has good communication skills
4. Computer literate
5. Undergraduates are welcome to apply

Please send your CV and portfolio (for graphic artist applicants) to second.edition@yahoo.com

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Phantom Captain Action #2 Review from comicsbulletin...

Reviewed by Ray Tate...

"Reno Maniquis, Keith Williams and Bob Pedroza contribute illustrations that lends visual impact to Lady Action's burst of color on the scene. Their Captain Action is a stalwart figure but one prone to youthful body language, especially when faced with defeat.

Maniquis, Williams and Pedroza present the Phantom as larger than life. The Ghost Who Walks moves as quick lightning, and his footfalls are powered by thunder. He tumbles. He leaps. He vaults. The artists display a lifetime of training in every one of the Phantom's moves. It's what you expect. It's what you get.

The Phantom & Captain Action really surprised me. The Phantom wasn't denigrated. I came away liking Captain Action more than I did. Bullock is Moonstone's Phantom writer, and when he draws the Phantom out of the shadows, this book sings."

Rad the entire review here.