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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

So, I'm a bit late in reading stuff and just got around to reading the "death of Ryan Choi" recently. I think it was done as both shock value and to garner a strong reaction from comic fans (which it did to great effect).

I didn't follow Ryan Choi's career as the All-New Atom, mostly because I found the Silver-Age Atom Ray Palmer boring as hell (same way I feel about Barry Allen). The only time I found Ray Palmer interesting was when he became a loinclothed hero in Sword of the Atom. But seeing the reactions of people online, I guess Ryan's a much more interesting character than his predecessor.

But, come on. How stupid was Ryan Choi during his last moments, really? You know the most obvious way for a guy like him to avoid getting killed in that instance? Just shrink down to sub-atomic levels and wait for the bad guys to leave. Not a cowardly move, considering he knew he was outclassed. At least he would have lived to fight another day.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I don't get the hoopla surrounding the killing of Prometheus by Green Arrow. He certainly has done it before, as far back as Mike Grell's excellent LONGBOW HUNTERS, even. So why are the other heroes giving him so much grief over this? Prometheus certainly deserved it.

Was the Mike Grell Green Arrow retconned? But it was during that series that Ollie got killed, and certainly his relationship with Shado is still in continuity. It just gets so confusing, really. Or maybe the slate got wiped clean when he was resurrected during Kevin Smith's run (which I still hold as the sloppiest excuse for a comic character's resurrection that I have ever read).

Anyways, I find what's happening to Arsenal much more interesting. So I guess I'll follow that storyline instead.