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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas to all!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Press release: December 17, 2009 -- The popular Paranormal Podcast will be closing its 2009 season with a BANG -- featuring a special roundtable discussion centering on 2012.

2012 has received immense coverage in bookstores, newsprint, television, the Internet and most recently in theaters with Sony's epic 2012 film by director Roland Emmerich and starring John Cusack.

People around the globe want to know: What will go down on 12/21/12 at 11:11 GST? Apocalypse ... Euphoria ... or another Y2K non-event?

Best-selling authors Marie D. Jones (2013: The End of Days or a New Beginning) and Marshall Masters (Planet X Forecast and 2012 Survival Guide) join host Jim Harold to discuss award-winning comic creator/publisher Robert Heske's new book - 2012: Final Prayer, An End Times Anthology.

Ms. Jones and Mr. Masters (both of whom have appeared recently on the History Channel's Nostradamus Effect) also mash with Heske about the 2012 phenomena in general, offering varied opinions and lively debate on diverse scenarios ranging from catastrophic events to a global "awakening of the human consciousness."

The Paranormal Podcast, which interviews various authors and paranormal experts such as Stanton Friedman, Brad Steiger, Dr. Bob Curran, Alien Abductee Stan Romanek, Nick Pope and Jim Marrs, is among the top 25 Science Audio Podcasts on iTunes. Each show averages 8,000 to 10,000 downloads with a devoted audience spanning the globe.

The show was taped in November and will be posted on Monday, December 21, 2009. For more details, visit the website at www.paranormalpodcast.com.

To buy 2012: Final Prayer from Heske Horror, go to www.zaldiva.com, www.amazon.com or visit myebook.com (i.e., the bookshop) for a digital download.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Hey guys! Remember this post a while back?

I'm happy to announce that it all came into fruition. Watch out for this in March, 2010:

Story: Mike Bullock, Art: Reno Maniquis
Cover A: Art Thibert, Cover B: Mark Sparacio, Cover C:Michael Gilbert

32pgs, color, $3.99

Together again for the first time!

The Phantom and Captain Action were forever united in the 1960s when the original Captain Action toy was released with a Phantom costume, allowing Cap to transform into the Ghost Who Walks. Now, for the first time, the two timeless titans collide in the first concussive crossover ever created.

When an international intelligence cartel makes a surgical strike for global control, UN committee member Diana Palmer-Walker and her legendary husband are all that stands in their way, but when the Ghost Who Walks goes missing, the only one Diana can turn to is none other than - Captain Action!

Don’t miss history in the making! (Covers A & B available separately)

Here's a sample page of my pencils for the interior art:

Friday, October 30, 2009


I just finished reading Tom de Haven's IT'S SUPERMAN! novel, and I'm currently reading Geoff Johns' and Gary Frank's SUPERMAN: SECRET ORIGIN. It got me to thinking about the origins of Superman's costume (or uniform, if you like).

SECRET ORIGIN brings back the original explanation of the super suit... it was Kryptonian cloth that was as indestructible as Superman. It's okay, but there would be times that Superman would get bruised or wounded by forces stronger than his skin, so wouldn't that mean the suit would be torn, too?

IT'S SUPERMAN! reveals that originally, Superman was using a suit made out of ordinary fabric, so it would tear up most of the time. He finally gets an indestructible suit courtesy of arch-enemy Lex Luthor. Who just mails it to Superman as a gift of sorts. This origin of the suit was kinda "meh" for me.

Out of all the different explanations on how Superman's suit is as invulnerable as he is, the one most plausible (for me, at least) is the one John Byrne cooked up for his THE MAN OF STEEL miniseries in the 80s. In the story, it was revealed that Superman had an aura which protects stuff that's really up close to his skin. Which makes his skintight suit almost as indestructible as he is. Of course, when going up against something that would hurt even his "invulnerable" skin, The suit would also get torn. It also mean that his cape could be torn, since it wasn't skintight, but that's okay. The only drawback is he can't protect people with his cape like he used to. The aura also explains away why a man would don spandex in order to fight crime. Since normal clothes would tear up, it only makes sense for him to wear something that could be protected by his aura, right?

Any Superman readers out there? Which super-suit origin do you like most?

(image from www.zimbio.com)

Thursday, October 29, 2009


There are two very different reasons why men and women have car accidents.

Most men are just plain reckless. It's simple stupidity.

Women, in my analysis, are just oblivious to their surroundings. And it's not just while driving.

Case in point: One morning while walking to the train station, two women walking from behind me bumped me on both of my sides, making a momentary "me" sandwich. At first, I thought it may be a pickpocketing scam, but upon checking my valuables nothing was missing. Plus, both women looked actually surprised that they bumped into me, as if I was a wall that was suddenly in their way. But, even if I wasn't there, they would have bumped each other. And it was a very wide sidewalk, with pedestrians walking around comfortably. And how in heck would you not notice someone who's in front of you?!?!

Another case in point: When walking on my own, I usually walk up or down escalators. One time while I was walking up one, two women were busily chatting away in front of me. I said a simple "excuse me" and one of the women almost literally jumped out of her skin. She exclaimed "AAAYYY!!!" and then proceeded to mutter under her breath (but was clearly audible) "nakakagulat naman yung mama." What the heck is so startling with a simple "excuse me?"

Another example: On the elevated walkway from the Ayala business district going to Greenbelt... three women who do not know each other are walking side by side. Now, that walkway is wide. But they've occupied almost the whole path that most people were having a hard time squeezing in between them. It would have been a bit understandable if they were friends chatting away and being oblivious to their surroundings, but THEY DID NOT KNOW EACH OTHER and were simply walking at the same pace, oblivious to the fact that a small crowd was gathering behind them trying to get through.

Last example: Just this morning, while getting into the elevator, I let a woman who was there go into the elevator first. As soon as she got in, she keeps hitting the "close door" button while I was still on my way in. That was just WHOA.

Is it any wonder that most victims of bag snatchers are women?

So ladies, please keep your wits about you whenever you walk (or drive).

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


The world ends on 11.15.09 - that's when award-winning indie comic publisher Heske Horror (www.coldbloodedchillers.com) releases its anticipated doomsday anthology "2012: Final Prayer." Just like Armageddon, this release promises to be a "global event" with cataclysmic graphic tales, short stories and brief essays from creators from around the world: US, UK, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Finland, Ireland, Italy, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Scotland and South Africa.

Get a sneak peek here!

Read an interview with author and editor Robert Heske here!

Drew a title page illustration for a short story in this book. I'll post it on www.capsulezone.tk when I'm able. :)

Thursday, October 08, 2009

May 2010 is the target date for the release of the all-new Western Classics: Graphic Classics Volume Nineteen. The lead story will be an adaptation of Zane Grey's grand western prototype, “Riders of the Purple Sage”, illustrated by GC newcomer Cynthia Martin. Also included will be Bret Harte's “The Right Eye of the Commander”, by David Hontiveros and Reno Maniquis, Gertrude Atherton’s “La Perdida”, by Trina Robbins and Mark A. Nelson, and John G. Neihart’s "The Last Thunder Song”, adapted by Oklahoman Rod Lott and illustrated by Native American artist Ryan Huna Smith.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Muelmar Magallanes: Hero

Just read about this on Budjette's blog. After reading all about costumed heroes since the early days of my childhood, not one of their fictional feats can measure up to the heroism of this man...

'Heroic rescuer'

Reports have also emerged of acts of heroism by members of the public during the floods, including Muelmar Magallanes, who rescued more than 30 people, but ended up sacrificing his own life.

With the help of his older brother, the 18-year-old construction worker tied rope around his waist and took his siblings to safety before going back to the house for his parents, according to the AFP news agency.

Later, he decided go back to save neighbours trapped on rooftops. He then dived back in again when he saw a mother and her six-month-old baby daughter in the water.

"I didn't know that the current was so strong. In an instant, I was under water. We were going to die," the mother Menchie Penalosa told AFP.

"Then this man came from nowhere and grabbed us. He took us to where the other neighbours were, and then he was gone," she added.

Witnesses said an exhausted Mr Megallanes was simply swept away by the water.

His father Samuel said: "He always had a good heart. We had already been saved. But he decided to go back one last time for the girl."

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Bayan Knights Sketchbook: Bagwis

Here's a member of the Bayan Knights Powerhouse division, created by Santiago "Santy" Panes... Bagwis!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Bayan Knights Sketchbook: Pag-Asa

Here's the latest in a series of sketches based on the Bayan Knights. This time around, Erico Calimlim's Pag-Asa gets sketched...

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Bayan Knights Sketchbook: Boy Ipis

Here's a popular member of Bayan Knights... Ang astiging Boy Ipis!

BTW, I really enjoyed the first issue. It COULD HAVE BEEN an all-ages book, but the names and treatment of the villains, though hilarious, aren't really suitable for children. Enjoyable, though. :)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Don't you just find it annoying when cab drivers ask for "a little bit more" right after you get inside their vehicle?

Kuki brought this up this morning, relating her experience recently while riding a taxi. It's just plain not right to ask for more money or a tip. We're the kind of people who almost always give tips, but this kind of behavior is really not proper. Aren't we all working for a living? Imagine, if a saleslady at SM were assisting you... Would she ask for a tip? While you're paying at the cashier, will she ask for "a little bit more" for her troubles? Get the point?

Drivers, please wait for your tip. Almost always, people just tell you to keep the change, anyway. And aren't you being paid by whoever owns the taxi you're driving? My barber doesn't ask me to give him a little extra, but I still do when he finishes cutting my hair.

Don't get me wrong. There are a lot of nice taxi drivers out there. But most of the time, the bad ones give the good ones a bad rap.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Bayan Knights Sketch: Phantom Cat

I had promised Amely Grace Vidal that I'd draw her creation many moons ago... Back when it was still known as "Panty Cat." Well, better late than never...

Okay, still have deadlines to finish!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

I was thinking of doing a Bayan Knights sketchbook, to be released in limited copies around the latter part of next year (maybe), and proceeds would go to funding the Bayan Knights comic book. Bayan Knights head honcho Gilbert Monsanto thought it was a good idea, so I'm posting the first sketch I did here, just to give a preview of how the illustrations would look like. And the first character out of the gate is none other than the leader of the group, Sarhento Sagrado...

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

The Franchise: Wall of Angels Now Available At Amazon!

The Franchise: Wall Of Angels Volume One is now available at Amazon.com!  This volume collects the first six issues of Wall Of Angels with 20 new pages not published in the original comic book. A tale of deceit, love and courage woven against a tapestry of legends.  From Roswell to the ancient land of Atlantis, a group of unlikely companions follow a madman on an unholy quest for eternal life.

This graphic novel is a 166 page paperback, b/w, 6 x 9 format.

Just $15.99 plus shipping & eligible for FREE Super Saver Shipping on orders over $25.

ISBN-10: 0557039924

ISBN-13: 978-0557039920

Friday, August 28, 2009

DOMINO LADY #4 out in December

Story: Nancy Holder
Art: Reno Maniquis
Covers: Michael J. Williams, Matt Larson

32pgs, color, mature $3.99, mature
Join Buffy novelist and four time Bram Stoker Award winner Nancy Holder, as she uncovers the sexy noir thriller secrets of “The Catalina Caper”!  Hollywood has come to the island, and the Domino Lady’s alter ego will make her big screen debut!  First, of course, there is a matter of blackmail under the lights to attend to. There is nothing the Domino lady won’t do for her adoring public.
(2 covers, ratio = 75% Michael J Williams, 25% Matt Larson cover)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Ever since we moved to Pasig, I have had 3 packages I was expecting from the US not reach me. I didn't have this kind of a problem when we lived in San Juan. One package getting lost in the mail, I can understand... But three consecutive packages not delivered one after the other? I don't even get a notice to pick up the packages at the post office. I don't think it's the fault of the people who mailed me, since these are three separate people. How can three separate people get one address wrong??!?!

Stuff being delivered by courier, or house bills, they get delivered, since these are all via messengers. But things sent through the mail? A definite NO. Does the Post Office not know where my street is located? Is the Pasig City Postal Service stealing my packages? Those are the only things I can think of. The former option, incompetence, the latter, a crime being committed. Either way is unacceptable behavior for people in public service. I can't even find a phone listing for them.

If anyone reading this can help out, or if any of you has any suggestion on how I can rectify this matter, please feel free to leave a note in the comments section. I'd really appreciate it.

PASIG POST OFFICE, PLEASE PROVE ME WRONG!!!! (Although I'm not holding my breath...)

Friday, August 21, 2009

The Adventures of Jade & Kermit: Magkaisa

Friday, August 14, 2009

A statement from the heirs of Mars Ravelo...

CJC: The Man That He Is Not


Right now, the late Cory Aquino is the most revered person in our nation. Opposite this, Carlo Caparas probably is the most ridiculed and reviled.

Even before this National Artist brouhaha, as children of the late Mars Ravelo, we’ve long been observing the moves of this man in silence. Until Manoling Morato, Caparas’ patron and staunch supporter, started wagging that notable tongue of his against our father. Now, we’re breaking that silence.

Komiks King

Thru dubious press releases, Carlo Caparas proclaimed himself the Komiks King. A title which, we know Caparas very well knows, belongs to Mars Ravelo. Mars Ravelo earned it thru the merits of his work. It’s a title that grew on him thru the years. It has become synonymous with his name. One day, Caparas, brazenly grabbed it for himself. Just like that. And it’s not even up for grabs.


The Komiks Caravan of Caparas was aimed to discover new talents in komiks writing and illustrating. And more ambitiously, it aimed to resurrect the dying if not the already dead komiks industry. According to one of Caparas’ series of press releases in an afternoon tabloid, the vacuum he left in the komiks industry took a heavy toll on the industry. The absence of his greatness and highness in the komiks industry caused the industry its very life.

Later, after the announcement of his noble act of resurrecting the komiks industry, about four comics strips in the Philippine Daily Inquirer were cancelled to give way to his own diario novela.


Next came the various awards. Caparas becomes multi-awarded. He was even conferred a peace prize award (we hope not for his massacre movies), together with a pool of international dignitaries as co-awardees including a former Philippine president.

Morato is the president of the foundation which conferred the award.

Komiks Legend

One day, one of our siblings texted us: Dad to be given an award at Malacañang tomorrow at 11 am. Sino ang pupunta?

Huh? Did we read right? An award from the palace and we were just advised the night before? We were not even given enough time for the dry cleaner. Did they really want our presence there?

And then we learned that together with Mars Ravelo, Tony Velasquez, Larry Alcala, and Francisco Coching, Caparas is also to be awarded the Presidential Medal of Merit. Seeing the line-up, we can hear ourselves singing (again) with Ate Isay: Alin, alin, alin ang naiba. Isipin kung alin ang naiba...

We decided, without second thought, not to go to the palace to receive the award on our father’s behalf. Not only because it sucks of insincerity but seeing the dark side of it, our father, together with the other honorees who are all komiks legends, is being used to elevate Caparas into their league. Caparas may be legendary, but that’s another story.

National Artist

Another text from another sibling: Caparas declared a National Artist

Everything becomes crystal clear.

Director Par Excellence

“Sabi nila, dapat daw na si Mars Ravelo muna ang bigyan ng award. E, visual arts nga ito. Si Mars Ravelo ba, nagdirek ng pelikula? Si Carlo, direktor pa rin ng pelikula. Nagsusulat din siya ng script sa pelikula at sa TV. Nakakapag-drawing pa rin siya sa komiks. At nag-i-script sa komiks.

abs-cbnNEWS.com | 07/31/2009 11:09 AM, 'Manoling' defends Caparas’ Nat'l Artist Award

Mamang Manoling, iyon po bang award niya sa visual arts ay dahil sa pagiging director niya sa pelikula?

“Nanalo na bang Best Director si Mars Ravelo? Hindi pa kaya wala siyang karapatan. Mas malawak ang nagawa ni Carlo kaysa kanya.

abs-cbnNEWS.com | 07/31/2009 11:09 AM, 'Manoling' defends Caparas’ Nat'l Artist Award

Pwede po ba iyon Mamang Manoling na manalo ang ama namin ng Best Director kahit hindi siya director? Sabi nyo po kasi ay hindi pa siya nananalong Best Director. Kailan po kaya pwede?

The Most Prolific Komiks Novelist

“Si Mars Ravelo ba, nakapagsulat na ng script para sa pelikula at TV? Ilan lang ba ang nagawa ni Mars Ravelo na komiks? Baka sampu lang. Si Carlo, eight hundred komiks novels. Kaya ba nila ‘yan? Nagawa ba ‘yan ni Mars Ravelo? Hindi. Si Carlo lang talaga ang nakagawa n’yan kaya he deserves the award.

abs-cbnNEWS.com | 07/31/2009 11:09 AM, 'Manoling' defends Caparas’ Nat'l Artist Award

Mamang Manoling, dahil po ba sa eight hundred na komiks novels na isinulat ni Caparas kaya siya nanalo sa category ng visual arts? Sayang kung nakapagsulat pa pala ng limangdaang kuwento ang tatay namin ay pwede na rin siyang manalo ng NAA (National Artist Award) para sa visual arts tulad ni Caparas. Kung nagsulat pala ang tatay namin mula ng ipinanganak siya hanggang ngayon na patay na siya, idivide mo yong 800 sa 93, mga 8.6 na novels pala ang dapat niyang isulat sa bawat taon ng kanyang naging buhay hanggang sa ngayon na patay na siya para makagawa siya ng 800 nobela sa loob ng 93 years. Pwede pong mahiram yong listahan nyo ng 800 novels? Kung gusto nyo po padadalhan din po namin kayo ng listahan namin. Para fair.

Pero mali po kayo doon sa number na sampu. Mga pito lang po ang naisulat ni Mars Ravelo na nobelasa bawat taon ng 50 years niyang career sa komiks. At nasaksihan po namin kung paano tinrabaho ng ama namin ang mga nobelang iyon. Ika nga po, ang gabi ay ginawa niyang araw. Tulog lang po ang pahinga. Kasi po kahit nasa kubeta siya, at kahit habang kumakain siya, nag-iisip pa rin siya ng kuwento. Tapos si Mang Carlo ay nakuha pang makapag-direct ng mga pelikula. Wow!

The Father of The Komiks Industry’s Rebirth

“Kasi, si Carlo, hindi lang sa komiks nag-excel. Siya ang nag-revive ng komiks. Sino sa kanila ang nakapag-revive ng komiks industry. Patay na dapat ang komiks pero siya pa rin ang nag-revive nito. May caravan pa siya sa buong Pilipinas at his on expense. Sino ang nakagawa ng ganyan sa kanila?

abs-cbnNEWS.com | 07/31/2009 11:09 AM, 'Manoling' defends Caparas’ Nat'l Artist Award

Ay, nabuhay po pala? Naghahanap nga po kami ng mga CJC sa bangketa, parang wala kaming makita. Meron po DVD.

True Man

Caparas said he was aware of the criticism that his victory had bypassed such komiks legends as Mars Ravelo, Francisco V. Coching, Tony Velasquez and Larry Alcala.

“But they were my fellow recipients of the Presidential Medal of Merit in 2007. In any case, I am representing other komiks novelists and artists with this honor. I believe I was given this award because I was able to cross over from komiks to movies and TV.”

Palace choices of 4 nat’l artists protested by Kristine L. Alave, Bayani San Diego Jr.Philippine Daily InquirerFirst Posted 09:44:00 08/01/2009

Carlo Caparas can never represent these artists. Tony Velasquez, Larry Alcala, Francisco Coching and our father are komiks legends not as a result of a grand design but because of hard work, extraordinary talent and true passion for komiks. Caparas represents something else.

The belief of Caparas that he was conferred the NAA title because he was able to cross over from komiks to film and television is evident that Caparas does not understand the real meaning of this award. Ilang beses na niyang hinuhulaan kung bakit siya nanalo, hindi pa rin niya mahula-hulaan. It also tells a lot about how oblivious he is to his fellow komiks artists’ achievements and plight. Or, he just simply doesn’t care.

When will Caparas realize that he is living in a dream? That he is not what he thinks he is? That he is not what the people around him tell him he is? That he is not the Komiks King? That he is undeserving of the National Artist title? That he is not a komiks legend? That he is not a messiah?

We can almost hear Caparas’ torment echoing within his being. The uproar that is torturing him now. Why are so many people up in arms against him? Why are his fellow artists, particularly from the komiks and film sector not with him in his darkest hour?

All Caparas’ camp’s efforts from collecting awards, to grabbing and inventing all titles imaginable for him, to all the press releases meant to extol his legendary image are supposed to culminate to the National Artist title. Caparas’ camp may have made certain that their contender will meet the list of criteria for the National Artist Award, at all cost. But the last criterion in the list was impossible to circumvent. It may be the last, but it is undoubtedly, not the leastrespect and esteem from peers.

Mr. Caparas, try to find the exit door from that pseudo world of yours. It’s the only way you can free yourself of all your misery and pain right now. Don’t allow the Christofs in your life to tell you what to think and say. It’s a matter of being able to come to terms with yourself. Truman Burbank found his exit door just in time.

To our father, you can stop turning in your grave now. Tell your friends Tony, Larry and Francisco, it went pffft.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

National Artist Hoopla!

A lot of people are protesting the awarding of the title of National Artist to Carlo J. Caparas and Cecile Guidote-Alvarez by President Arroyo. A lot of people are also coming to their defense. But I think a lot of these pro-CJC, CGA and GMA people have been missing the point... These two persons are simply INELIGIBLE to be given the title (in Caparas' case, at least one of the titles).

People coming to the defense of GMA's decision are saying she has the prerogative to appoint those she deems worthy, and there's an Executive Order supporting this. I can accept that. But... Caparas was awarded the title of NA for VISUAL ARTS. He is not a visual artist, he's a writer. It was very laughable when he trotted out drawings that he did to prove that he can draw. But that's beside the point. The works he is known for were simply not drawn by him, they were writen by him. If he is to be given an NA title, it could be in literature (NA for film... yes he's qualified, but come on... these pro-Caparas people should be made to sit through all his massacre films in one sitting, just like what Jim Paredes suggested GMA to do). The simple fact is, HE'S NOT QUALIFIED IN THIS CATEGORY.  I guess Gerry Alanguilan can articulate this better than I can.

In Alvarez' case, there's a conflict of interest since she is the NCCA Executive Director (the same body responsible for awarding the NA titles). Which form what I've read makes her ineligible. SHE IS INELIGIBLE.

These two have been singled out by most protesters. Architects are not really protesting the fact that Francisco Mañosa was given the title for Architecture. Pitoy Moreno being named NA for fashion design didn't create this much ire. So why the former two? BECAUSE THEY ARE EITHER UNQUALIFIED OR INELIGIBLE!!!!

Just imagine, if this is an honest mistake on the part of GMA, how many "honest mistakes" in the past have gone un-rectified?

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

METRO COMIC CON, August 8-9, 2009... That's this coming Saturday and Sunday at the Megatrade Hall, SM Megamall.

I was almost not going to be able to make it to the con, but schedules got shifted and it freed up my weekend. Yay!

I'll most likely be there Saturday afternoon, roaming around. I was also invited to join the Indie Comic Panel by Heubert Khan Michael, so I'll be joining him, Budjette Tan, Gilbert Monsanto, Ner Pedrina, Elbert Or and maybe a few others. That will be on Saturday, 5 to 6pm. So if you're going to attend, don't ask me any questions because I'm ill-equipped to answer them. Hahaha!

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Just wanted to take the time to say thank you to Tita Cory, President Corazon Aquino... You have been the best president I have ever had in my lifetime, and I'm sure a lot of Filipinos feel the same way. Rest In Peace, and I hope somewhere down the line we, the Filipinos, will make you and Ninoy proud.

Again, thank you from me and my family.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

The Franchise: Wall of Angels Volume 1 TPB

Wall of Angels' first storyarc is now available in trade paperback from Lulu.com!

Story: Anthony Garcia
Art: Jim Jimenez/ Reno Maniquis
Price: $15.99

WALL OF ANGELS is a series of inter-related story arcs that explores the boundaries between technology and mythology, science and superstition, good and evil, angels and demons, human and inhuman. In THE FRANCHISE, a watershed moment has been reached. A mysterious figure known only as Ignacio has manipulated the CEO of Talbot Security into finding an ancient artifact of unknown power that will change the world forever. A classic story of adventure and intrigue, good versus evil, THE FRANCHISE is a six issue miniseries in the WALL OF ANGELS universe.

Monday, June 08, 2009

Just a quick announcement...

BONE CHILLER - the award-winning trade paperback - is now available on Amazon and HeavyInk! Click the links below to order...

Bone Chiller at Amazon (free shipping on orders of $25+)

Bone Chiller at HeavyInk (20% discount, $0.99 shipping)

Buy it! Thanks! :)

Friday, May 01, 2009

Just got back from the hospital. But it wasn't me who was hospitalized this time, it was Kuki. She had to have her gallbladder removed since it had stones in it. I'm glad to tell everyone that she's doing fine, and thanks to everyone who helped and kept us in their prayers, especially my mom who looked after Jade during the three days we were away.

That's it for now. Kuki still has difficulty moving since her tummy still hasn't fully healed, and we've missed Jade so much that were lookinf forward to spending the most time with her (as I type this, she's behind me doodling some stuff). :)

Friday, April 24, 2009

Just stumbled upon this on the web... an early solicitation for DOMINO LADY #2, pencilled by yours truly. They put my real name on the credits list though, and it's a bit misspelled (it's supposed to be Carlo, not Carlos) but I think in the comic book itself I'll be credited as Reno Maniquis (hopefully).

Oh, and in case you're a bit lazy to click on the link, the solicitation reads...

Title: Domino Lady #2
Story: Nancy Holder
Art: Jan Carlos Maniquis
Colors: Jason Jensen
Covers: Matt Larson, Cortney Skinner
32pgs, color, $3.99-Mature readers

Buffy novelist and four time Bram Stoker Award winner Nancy Holder uncovers the sexy romp secrets of our stunning Blond Bombshell in “The Zeppelin Affair”!  There’s noir revenge and desperation a-plenty in this high flying mystery adventure!  The Domino Lady takes no prisoners…unless there’s one she likes, of course.

Available in August, 2009! See the covers below...

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Just came back from the doctor. Around two or three weeks ago, my heart started palpitating continuously, which prompted me to get checked up. After weeks of tests (lab or otherwise) the doctor found... Nothing.

My heart is in normal health. Except for a lab finding of my HDL (good cholesterol) being a bit lower than normal, I'm perfectly fine. I can increase my HDL by exercising (which I have been doing regularly since I turned 30) and/or taking fish oil supplements. I guess I'll do the former, since it's less expensive.

When I feel something wrong with my body, I get a check up as soon as I can. Always, they find out that there's nothing wrong with me. Well, except for the time I was diagnosed with shoulder impingement, which most likely I was born with and would just have to learn to live with.

It's weird, but sometimes I hope that they DO find something wrong. That means I didn't have to waste my time going through all the tests and check-ups just to find out that I'm fine. Get my drift? But I guess all that legwork is a small price to pay to be given a clean bill of health.

The doctor said that most likely, stress had something to do with my heart palpitations. He said to just learn to relax and continue exercising. It got me to thinking about stuff in my life right now... Am I doing too much? Is being a full-time advertising art director, freelance comics artist, part-time art studio head, hands-on father and husband too much for one guy? I really don't know. I guess I'll just have to balance all that stuff, since I don't think I can give any of it up. And I guess I'll have to learn to relax in the process.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I think a Komiks Convention bug has hit the Philippines. What with the Komikon now holding a summer convention (the Komikon Summer Fiesta this May), in addition to the one later this year, and the Manila Comic Con in August. Not to mention other "geek-oriented" conventions which comics have always been a part of (like the Philippine ToyCon). Is there a comprehensive listing somewhere?

I confess that I miss being a part of these things. But lately I haven't had any local output that I can bring to the table. My comics work nowadays consist mostly of doing stuff for US small press publishers. As much as I want to, the demands of my regular job and budgetary constraints prevent me from doing self-published work at the moment. Nothing beats the fulfillment of creating comics with no restraints except the ones you put on yourself., and just letting yourself run wild with ideas. Hopefully I can go and do stuff like this in the near future.

In the meantime, I guess I'll still be attending these conventions. But not as an exhibitor... I'll be there as a regular convention-goer. I hope I don't miss these events like I did the last Komikon. :)

Friday, March 13, 2009

Two Things...

First off, Watchmen the movie. I liked it. Very faithful to the source material. I don't get why some fans of the book rant about things omitted or things changed. A motion picture is a different entity, so get over it already.

Anyway, random thoughts about it (might have some spoilers, but I'll try to avoid them when I can)...

- It was strange to find myself being sympathetic to the Comedian. When I read the book he was a very hateful character, but seeing him in flesh-and-blood kind of made me understand why he did the things he did.

- I didn't realize that the novel was very violent. Seeing it on the comic page, you get to be a bit detached. But seeing it portrayed by real people was another thing entirely.

- I felt that the action scenes looked out of place. When you watch the movie's more "realistic" and dramatic moments, it's very serious. But when the action commences, it's very stylized and (dare I say it) Matrix-y in a way. Don't get me wrong, the action choreography is good and I liked it, but they sorta stuck out like a sore thumb compared with the other scenes.

- The changed ending. I have no gripe about it. It was a very reasonable alternative to the one in the book, and it provided a plausible explanation for Dr. Manhattan's self-imposed exile.

All in all, a good viewing experience. But I shudder to think about the news going around that Hollywood execs are now going to go the "darker" route when it comes to comic book-based movies. C'mon, can't we have both?

Okay, second thing... Remember the Phantom pin-up I posted before? Well, thanks to that, I'm now pencilling a comic book for Moonstone Books! Whoda thunk???!? Editor-in-Chief Joe Gentile asked me at first to do a Kolchak sample for him, which he liked. But then another, more immediate assignment opened up, a bi-monthly book featuring the Domino Lady. He asked me to do a pin-up sample for that, and after an initial stumble on my part, I landed the gig! Thanks very much to you guys at Moonstone! It's written by  New York Times bestselling author Nancy Holder, with inks by veteran inker Keith Williams. I'm very honored to be part of this team. I'm doing the second issue, but the first issue of Domino Lady should be hitting store shelves in June, 2009. For a listing of Moonstone Books coming out in June, click here.

Oh and you can head over to my CapsuleZone website to check out the Kolchak and Domino Lady samples I made. :)

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

A very flattering review and a plug for BONE CHILLER...

In my bored moments I sometimes google my name and see what comes up. That's how I discovered this review for Cold Blooded Chillers #3 from Broken Frontier, which gave me goosebumps when reviewer Dave Baxter said this about my art...

Filipino sensation Reno Maniquis steps in for the mirror-image sister-story "Transcendence", and this guy's work is mainstream slick-and-smooth incredible. Think George Perez meets JG Jones. Maniquis presents a world lush in detail and flawless comic book layouts. He's currently the artist on the book Wall of Angels, and everyone needs to read CBC #3, and then seek out that larger series...

Wow! George Perez meets JG Jones? High praise indeed. Thank you, Mr. Baxter.

You can read the full review here.

And on a very related note, COLD BLOODED CHILLERS: BONE CHILLER is now also available. It's a 140-page anthology penned by Robert M. Heske.  The "Transcendence" short story from CBC #3 is included here, and I've also done spot illustrations for the short film script "Alibi". Other contributing artists include Breno Tamura, Mark Chilcott, Jay Fife, Alain Norte, Dirk Shearer, Adam Swiecki and Preston Asevedo (who also provides the cover). I'll be posting maybe a couple of the "Alibi" illustrations on CapsuleZone pretty soon.

Oh, and there's a trailer, too. Watch it below...

Thursday, February 26, 2009


My Mac is on the fritz again. I've blogged about my Mac before and how the LCD was damaged and it would cost me PhP30,000 to get it repaired and all that hassle, which I managed to remedy by getting an external monitor (costs a lot less than 30 grand). Now months later it's acting up on me again. When I boot it up, the screen has some noise, and then the desktop will appear. But once I move my mouse, everything freezes. Now I know it isn't my external monitor, since I tested it with other devices and they appeared on the screen with no problem.

Really damn frustrating to own a Mac here, since there's only a handful of tech support companies that you can go to, and their services are not cheap. My only wish now is that the technician coming on Saturday can retrieve all the files that I have and back them up. There's a whole lot of work there that I have to re-do if it doesn't get retrieved. If the Mac repair gets to be too expensive, I'll just junk it and get myself a PC. Hopefully the Mac guys can give me a reasonable offer on the thing and they can strip it for parts.

I'm going PC from now on. It's a whole lot cheaper, and if it breaks down at least tech support is available almost anywhere. I just have to get some advice on what I need to buy, since what I do is graphics-heavy and I think I need a heavy-duty PC for that kind of stuff. I'm very illiterate when it comes to computer hardware stuff, so I hope I can get a good replacement at a reasonable price.

I'm not dissing on the Mac here (although it might seem that way), I'm sure Mac is very very user-friendly compared to a PC. I'm just frustrated that it gets SO DAMNED EXPENSIVE once the Mac needs to get repaired.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

COLD BLOODED CHILLERS issue 3 review from www.comicbits.online.com:

"And Reno Maniquis provides some really pro-quality art and it really is eye-catching. Turtles, jellyfish, seahorse and sharks drawn wonderfully."

Read the entire review here.

Purchase the book online by clicking the links below...

Saturday, January 24, 2009


Mars Ravelo's Flash Bomba is finally coming to ABS-CBN this February, starring Luis Manzano. The Ravelos commissioned me some years back to re-design Flash Bomba's costume for modern times, and I'm glad to see that ABS-CBN has been very faithful to the design I did. See below...

I thought that they would have trouble bringing the enlarged hands and feet to live-action, but the prosthetics that they did look good. I think it works better this way, as opposed to using CGI to achieve the effect.

Actually, this is the very first design that I did for the Ravelos, even before I did the Captain Barbell re-design. My friend Bong Leal did the re-designs of Lastikman and Darna (I think they haven't used the re-designed Darna costume yet). I also did the Tiny Tony design (which John Prats brought to life on the screen) but they tweaked it somewhat and it doesn't look like my original design much, IMO.

I also did the logo design for Flash Bomba...

More info on the Flash Bomba TV series here. You can see the trailer here.

I don't suppose I can interest ABS-CBN to do a Maskarado TV series? :)

Monday, January 19, 2009

Mystery solved!

Thanks to an anonymous poster, who left a link in the comments section, confirming that Greg Larocque is half-Filipino, and has a Filipino wife. Link below...

The link is from an excerpt of an interview, from the upcoming book SECRET IDENTITIES: THE ASIAN AMERICAN SUPERHERO ANTHOLOGY. That's a mouthful, huh?

Thank you, Anonymous. Now another mystery has reared its head... WHO IS ANONYMOUS!?!?!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Is Greg Larocque Filipino?

This thought has been bugging me forever. Well, ever since his latter days as artist of The Flash. Specifically during the Return of Barry Allen storyline. I remember one splash page of Wally West holding Jay Garrick's helmet, and in the background was a Jollibee restaurant. Plus, at the very last page of the story arc, Wally was wearing a jacket with the Philippine flag on it.

So is he or isn't he? According to Wikipedia, he's married to a woman named Rosario. Is Rosario the Pinoy in the family that's why he injected all that Pinoy stuff in his art?

Regardless, I like his art. My first Greg Larocque experience was Marvel Team-Up 148, which I bought way back when the US had military bases in the Philippines. I bought it at a PX Goods store in Pampanga. I read the issue thinking that the main villain, the Black Abbott, was pretty cool. I also dug the art. It wasn't spectacular, but it was clear and the action was easy to follow.

I think he began to hit his stride when he did Legion of Super Heroes. I'm not a Legion fan, so I skipped over that part of his career. The Flash was where I would catch up with Mr. Larocque next. I liked how he would make Wally West move, as opposed to previous artist Jackson "Butch" Guice's, which looked stiff at that time. I also liked the sleek, shiny design that he would make for Wally later on, making Wally his own man yet still recognizable enough as the Flash. It's a shame he doesn't do mainstream books nowadays.

But still, everything comes back to the original question... Is Greg Larocque Filipino? Can anyone help me out here?

Monday, January 05, 2009

First day of the new work year, and I got stuck at the LTO.

Yep, the whole LTO computer database went offline nationwide today, which meant no papers nor licenses could be issued until they fixed the problem.

I was at the LTO branch at the Ayala MRT station a little past 9am, and it was already packed with people wanting to renew their licenses. A lot of them were supposed to have renewed last month but missed the opportunity because of the long Christmas break (which meant that government offices were all closed).

The line for the application form went smoothly enough, but the Drug Testing and Medical check-up seemed to go on forever. By the time I got back to the LTO window, their computers were going on-and-offline. That was past 11am. Of course, that meant that lunch break was looming. And you know the rep of our government offices once lunch break comes. Everything stops. To the LTO's credit, they still worked up until around 12:15pm.

At a little close to 2pm, it was announced that they have gone offline for good. But that there's a chance that it could be fixed. Needless to say, some people got pissed, and the broken airconditioning didn't help. I was already second in line at the second to the last stop (the cashier), so I decided to tough it out. Good thing I had some pencil pages that I could ink while waiting. A lot of the other people there also decided to wait it out, so they just spent the time talking to complete strangers (which I did, too).

At around a little before 4pm, the guy ahead of me decided to give up and just return tomorrow. Which meant I was now first in line. So I decided that I'd go all the way and hope that everything gets fixed before they close at 6pm.

Thank goodness the system got fixed at 4:30pm. I immediately paid the cashier, got my license, and rode the train home. Suffice it to say, I had to go on an impromptu leave of absence from the office. What a way to start the year, huh?

And to the few of you who stuck around to get to the end of this boring post, my deepest thanks and apologies. :P