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Tuesday, July 02, 2002

I went out with my college friends last night. It's been a really long time since we all last saw each other (years, actually). We went to the National Sports Grill at Greenbelt, and the place only had a few people. Maybe it was because it was a Monday.

It's really interesting to see how much some people stay the same, and how little they've really changed. We were all basically the same bunch of guys and gals, except now some of us are married and some of us have kids and all that. And it's also amazing how much fatter some of us have gotten (myself included).

My ex was also there, since we were part of the same barkada during those days. We didn't talk much, just the usual "hi" and "hello." One of my friends asked me what it felt like seeing her again, and I honestly didn't feel the same way I felt about her. Of course, I shouldn't, since we broke up several years ago and I'm married to someone I love very much. If I had any feelings about seeing her again, it may be some small measure of guilt, since I was the one who broke up with her, on a day that no person should ever break up with a girlfriend or boyfriend.

I really would like to get together with these guys again because I had to leave early last night. So I didn't get to talk with everyone the way I wish we could have talked. At least it's gonna be easier now, since we all exchanged calling cards and now know where to contact one another.

Thanks to Melvin for organizing the whole thing. Let's do it again soon.

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