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Thursday, March 16, 2006


This is a completely different book from what we've gotten from Arnold Arre in the past. None of the sentimentality which was prevalent in books like AFTER EDEN or TRIP TO TAGAYTAY, heck, even MYTHOLOGY CLASS. Okay, okay, maybe a little between Ando and Silang, but not much. This book is grim, gritty, and dark.

Which makes it GOOD.

Arnold Arre has stepped up his storyteling skills here, and paces each scene just right. Even the long, un-dialogued, all-women fight sequence didn't seem drawn-out. The only scene where I got confused was the flashback sequence of how Ando got to be the "protector." I didn't immediately get (is that correct grammar??!?!) that he was supposed to be the young criminal shown at first.

That said, what I've always admired about his art is that every individual character is distinctly recognizable the way Arnold draws them. That's also the case here. And the way he portrays the cast is very appropriate. The villains are creepy and col-looking, while the heroes look very much like ordinary people.

This may be his most detailed work yet. While the art is rough in some places, that same roughness only adds to the tone of the story, not detracts from it.

The story is just kick-@$$. The pace just keeps you want to turn the page until you get to the very end. I also liked the ending, which is a bit different where (SPOILER!) the hero isn't necessarily there when everything comes together.

It seems this is not the last we've seen of ANDONG AGIMAT, and I, for one, look forward to joining him and Arnold Arre on their further adventures.

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