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Sunday, September 16, 2007

I don't usually show my pencil work, since I'm really not much of a tight penciller. I have always inked my own work, and it was what I was trained to do since I started working in comics two decades ago. Most of the time when I show work samples, they're fully inked.

But I'll make an exception this time. It's a bit of a departure for me, but here are shots of a page I made for a short story from UK-based writer Patrick Tkaczynski.

Whenever I do rough pencils, I usually have a good idea of how I'm going to ink it. Of course, there will be some tweaking from pencils to inks, like the expression on the shop owner's face on panel 3, which I changed from being annoyed to being dismayed. And on panel 2, I eliminated most of the shadows on the woman exiting the store, to keep her farther in the background.

Anyway, I hope you've liked this little insight on my work process.


tauruswarrior said...

This is extremely nice, Reno.

I like the grittiness of your ink work, dude.
I also like the fact that you paid attention to the little details, plus the consistent look of the characters in every panel. But, I'm just wondering where the text goes? Is that black panel alloted for a reverse caption?

Tell us what the name of the book is - so we can buy when it comes out.

This one looks rather interesting and very exciting, dynamic, yet without being too unrealistically exaggerated.

Well done.

Reno said...

Thanks, Jomarie. This is a submission for an anthology, can't really reveal the details yet. Although one of the judges has okayed it, we're waiting for the reaction of the other two, Hopefully, it will be included.

As for the text, the dialogue and captions are minimal, so they'll fit in to the page with no problem. I always lay out my thumbnails with the captions and balloons in mind. :)

Ed said...


Galing galing mo na, Reno!


Jonas Diego said...

Ang galing, Reno! :D

kc cordero said...

mukhang inspirado ka sa materials na ito, malayo at mas maganda ito kaysa sa mga unang drawing mo na nakita ko.

Reno said...

Hi KC... I tried to go in a different direction with this one. It's a horror tale, so I thought that much more "grittiness" is needed, compared to my super-hero work, which I ink in a "cleaner" style.

Thanks for the comments, guys!