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Sunday, October 21, 2007


Well, maybe not so quick. My nephew asked me to draw Optimus Prime for him, and I was suggesting he let me draw the cartoon version instead (hehe). But of course, the young 'uns today don't really know the 80s version, so I was stuck with drawing the live-action movie version. All those (not-so-detailed) details took me around 45 minutes to draw. Just think if you had to draw this in a comic book. It would be PUNISHING.

Anyway, I'm one of the few people who didn't see the movie when it came out in theaters. I just bought the DVD, so I hope I can get around to watching it soon.


Ed said...

May DVD na? I bought F. Miller's 300 eh.

Must wait for salary to get a copy of Transformers Movie.

Oh, man. Galing nito, Reno. Di ko kaya magdrawing ng ganyan kadetalye. :D


Reno said...

Thanks Ed. One-time deal lang yan. Kinulit lang kasi ako ng pamangkin ko. hehe.

azrael said...

ang lupit !!!!
feature ko ito sa transformers philippines blog

glovestudios said...

Ironically enough, I'm currently drawing this guy for a comic. Not so bad once you get used to it. ;)

Reno said...

Saw your art on deviantart, glovestudios. Good stuff!

Thanks for dropping by!