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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Could this be the next big budget blockbuster movie!!?!?!

Well, one can only dream. right? :)

I was just fooling around during my lunch break and quickly cobbled up this faux movie poster with some images I got off the internet (so please don't sue me!). Rhian Ramos was the first actress who popped in my head when I was thinking of a lead actress so there she is. And, yes, that's me in the Maskarado costume. I had one made a while back. Complete with foam muscle suit underneath. That costume is HOT! I think it needs a little bit more streamlining, but that will come when I have the budget to pay for it again. I still need to get some white boots. :P

Anyone out there interested in making this movie? Or a teleseries, maybe? GMA? ABS-CBN? ABC 5? Maybe IBC 13? :)

Hey, who would you like to see play the role of Maskarado? I'm thinking Alfred Vargas (since Kuki likes him), or maybe Will Devaughn? Who else would be good for the role?


Ed said...

Woah! Man. Haha. Woot?!

But you know, I like Rhian Ramos. Di nakakasawa ganda nya. :D

Gio Paredes said...

Wow this is nice.
Kaso sayang, akala ko noong una kong tingin, totoong meron na talagang pelikula. :-(

Oo nga naman, compared kay SuperBoom, mas ok naman si Maskarado ano. Tabi-tabi po.. :-)

monsanto said...

ok ang abs hehehe :)

Jake said...

visit Shawn Michaels Official Philippine website!!


mcoy said...

galeng! hehe. the costume design translates carries over to the real world very well.

sana magsawa na ang 2 at 7 sa kaka-rehash ng akda nina mars ravelo at caparas.

HOOOY BAGO NAMAAAAAN! si maskarado namaaaan!

Reno said...

Hehe. Thanks, gents. Nakatulong din ang lighting at Photoshop para ma-improve yung hitsura ng costume. Tunay yang abs, Gilbert! (NOT! hehe).

And a special thank you to Jake, How'd you know I'm a HUGE Shawn Michaels fan? :)

TheCoolCanadian said...

I recommend RENO MANIQUIS to play Maskarado. I mean, sa poster pa lang, pipila na ako sa sinehan.

But seriously, ngayong nauuso ang Video movies na itinatransfer sa film kapag natapos na ang editing, puwedeng gawin ang ganito. I mean, one video film I saw at the Filmfest here was ANG MASAHISTA. Watching the film, it was hard to tell it was shot using an ordinary 8mm video. When I talked to Brilliante Mendoza, I was expecting to hear that they used at least the Canon XL2. But no, it was just the ordinary 8mm Sony video camera. It was fine after it got transfered to film.

With Final Cut Pro, everything would be easy and cheap to produce. Yun nga lang, kailangan mo ng time at cast na babagay sa roles.

Well I hope it happens soon and good luck. If there's one guy who deserves to succeed, ikaw iyon. I don't know you personally, but I think you're a very level-headed guy. In short, a very good-hearted, decent guy. Are you a Taurus or a Cancer?

I ask you this because I am trying to succeed as a manghuhula. Para naman may kompetition sina Madam Auring at Rene Mariano.

Pero, bakit nga pala kita tinatanong, eh, dapat hinuhulaan kita :-D

Reno said...

Hehe. Capricorn ako, JM. Kung Chinese Zodiac naman, year of the Rat.

Hirap lang pag home-made movie ito, katakut-takot na SFX. Malaki din ang gagastusin. Di tulad ng Masahista, set firmly in the real world.

Pero sana nga mangyari ito. :)

TheCoolCanadian said...

Hindi puwedeng BLUE SCREEN para live pa rin at mas mura?

Ah, yung masahista ang special effects na ginamit doon, mga nakahubong katawan. Mas mura kaya iyon? :-D

Hindi ko pa nabasa ang MASKARADO kaya hindi ko alam kung ano ang treatment nito. But I like the sounbd of its title. Maskarado.
Tagalog ito. Kasi sa Spanish, ang tamang word sy ENMASCARADO, meaning "Masked."

Anyhow, this title is extremely catchy and it says what it is in a nutshell. Astig talaga. Dapat nga itong maging film.

I also watched GAGAMBOY at the filmfest and I was totally captivated by the brilliance of Vhong Navarro. The audience just couldn't resist, they had to clap with fervor when it ended.

Reno said...

I also liked Gagamboy, thogh the thing that bothered me most was that it was obviously (well, to me) shot in a warehouse, to accomodate the rigging they need for the high-flying stunts. Otherwise, it was a good film.

Anonymous said...

tang ina kamuka ni gio paredes yung bida baboy na baboy din ang itsura!!!

Reno said...

Baboy ka daw Gio, o!

Hehe, joke lang Gio. :)

Bong Leal said...


Nice one!

kamukha mo si monsour del rosario pre!

Reno, KADIREEE ka raw sa bi ni Sheila Manalo
naaalala nya pa ang bakat mo!