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Friday, August 08, 2008

San Diego Comic Con 2008....

My first and only trip to SDCC was in 1998. In fact, I think that was my last trip to the USA. Who'd have thought 10 years later, my artwork would be displayed in its hallowed walls of geekdom? :)

My publisher, TwentyToSix Books, was an exhibitor there, and writer/editor/publisher Anthony Garcia sent me these pics. Form what he told me, a great time was had by all, even though it was exhausting.

A couple of comic pros liked the work I did for Wall of Angels, namely Shannon Wheeler (of Too Much Coffee Man fame), who, according to Anthony, thought the art was awesome. And even painter extraordinaire Dave Dorman said it was a solid product. To which I can only say thank you for the kind words, and rest assured we'll be doing much better in the coming issues.

Oh, and lest I forget, GRAPHIC CLASSICS: AMBROSE BIERCE 2nd Edition should be out this August, in which I drew the short story "The Damned Thing", scripted by Rod Lott. Check out the Graphic Classics website here.

Teka, napansin ko... Kamukha ni John Becaro yung naka-Superman costume, ah. Ikaw ba 'yan, John? :P


Planet Markus said...

Wow!.. I love Dorman's work. That's some awesome compliment there that could leave a smile plastered on my lips for many days if I get one like that :D

Jmldelgado said...

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thank you! I will really appreciate if you reply because it will help me to choose the perfect course to fit my skills.



Natawa ako dito a.....

pero teka hindi kaya photoshop lang yan?bwahahahaha!

pero teka ang layo, e ang taas taas niyan e ako bubwit lang.bwahahaha

saka gwapo siya.hihihihi