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Tuesday, September 02, 2008


The above piece of art was done for Dario Carrasco Jr. I was supposed to do the book for him, but some other stuff prevented me from doing so.

Moontracker is written by C.W. Russette and illustrated by Dario Carrasco Jr. Coming soon from Arcana Studio!


Ner P said...

nice piece of art!!!

ei reno chk this out na rin pala http://nerp.deviantart.com/.:-)

kc cordero said...

i like the inking, ang linis.

Reno said...

Thanks, guys!

humawinghangin said...

ang ganda! really impressive brushstrokes.

would you mind me asking sir Reno, what type and brand of brushes you use? and where you buy them? I use a #3 sakura brush for inking. kaso, after more than 8 pages it tends to lose its point, even though i take really good care of it, washing it with soap and all.

Reno said...

For thick strokes, I use a brush pen, although those are a bit hard to come by nowadays. Namakyaw ako sa National Bookstore noon. hehe. Sometimes when I'm in a hurry and can't wait for the ink to dry, I just use a 6pt Artline pen to simulate brushstrokes. A 5pt Uni pen also works, although if the paper is a bit on the smooth side it tends to get erased and smudged by an ordinary rubber eraser.

For finer brushstrokes, I use chinese brushes. Again, I hoarded these a while back. So I don't know if the art supply where these were available is still open in Binondo. The problem with a chinese brush is that it breaks down easily.

humawinghangin said...

thanks for the reply. the problem with chinese brush breaking down often is that i always have this fear that the next brush may not be as good as the first. or may not be available at all.