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Friday, December 19, 2008


I'm greeting everyone this early because I might not get to blog by the time Christmas vacation comes around.

Anyway, I'll just blog away about some random stuff...

First off, my good friend, writer, and editor at Twenty To Six, Anthony Garcia, has put up some pages for what he's been dubbing our "mystery project." So as not to spoil things, I'll just re-post a couple of pages here for everyone's perusal.

Wall of Angels is still available. Buy it. Now.

Next, here are a couple of pages from a short story I did for writer Robert Heske's COLDBLOODED CHILLERS. It's slated to come out in issue no.3, hopefully available this December or early next year. And if you like what you see here, why not purchase issues 1 and 2, too? You won't be disappointed.

There are a bit more stuff lined up for me in the coming year. I have another project with Robert coming up, another gig for GRAPHIC CLASSICS, in which I'll be working on a script by David Hontiveros. It's a bit amusing that it took a US publisher to enable me and Dave to work on something together, considering we've been acquainted with each other for a long time here in the Philippines. And since we're on the subject, why not get a copy of GRAPHIC CLASSICS: AMBROSE BIERCE. Only $10! Or if you're in Manila, contact me and I can sell some of my copies directly to you. :)

And there's another thingie that's not final yet, but I hope it comes to fruition. I'm very excited by this "thingie," so I'm reaaalllly crossing my fingers on this one.

And on a completely unrelated topic, I just saw ZORRO, THE GAY BLADE recently. I caught a glimpse of this movie on TV back when I was a kid, and remembered the gaudy gold outfit that Zorro wore. After so many years, I finally got the chance to watch the full movie. And I have to say, it was hilarious! George Hamilton was perfect for this role.

To sum it up, Don Diego Vega (I'm assuming it's Diego Vega Jr.,) is requested to come home to California. His father died recently, and the town is taken over by his childhood pal Captain Esteban, now a tyrant. A coffin-like box is sent to Diego, and he discovers his dad was the original Zorro. Either he or his twin brother, Ramon, would have to take up the mantle. After his first outing as Zorro, he sprains his ankle. As fate would have it, his twin brother comes home, now calling himself Bunny Wigglesworth. He takes over the mantle of Zorro while Diego recuperates, but uses a whip and instead of the usual black costume he wears different, gaudily-colored variations of the outfit. Hilarity ensues.

But no, not really. The hilarity began even before Bunny came onto the scene. I was surprised to find myself laughing more at the antics of Diego rather than those by Bunny. Plus, rather than really despise Captain Esteban for the evil man that he is, you end up laughing at the poor sap.

Some Zorro fans have decried this movie (including Howard Chaykin in his introduction to the collected Zorro works by Alex Toth), but this Zorro fan simply loved it. As much as I love Tyrone Power and Guy Williams (okay, even Antonio Banderas), there's a place in the Zorro legacy for George Hamilton.

Now, can anyone tell me where I can get a copy of the 1920 film starring Douglas Fairbanks? :)

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