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Tuesday, August 16, 2011


It's been a while since I've updated this blog, no? But anyway, I'd like to share the initial costume redesigns I did for the recent version of Captain Barbell. Here we go...

Among the four costumes shown here, this is my favorite. I went back to the colors most associated with Cap, but made the blue darker. To give him touches of metal texture (to associate him with is namesake, the barbell) I gave him a breastplate and metal accents on his wrists and boots. I think it gives a regal quality without it being outdated. I also tried the almost-sleeveless look, to hearken back to what Mars Ravelo intended originally, that of a circus strongman look without necessarily having him go shirtless like his original costume.

This is the closest to the previous "all-yellow" look, with the metal piping and metal emblem, now bigger for more visibility. To liven up the colors I added blue and red, again the colors most associated with him. The belt buckle looks like a barbell plate, and touches of metal were also added, like the armbands and the steel-toed boots.

This was my second choice, a bit sleeker with some deep red metallic accents to break up the monotony of the yellow. The cape is more incorporated into the costume, and also shorter than what we're used to (similar to Captain Marvel) so it won't get in the way when he engages in fisticuffs. The chest emblem was made to look more like his original emblem, the one seen on the belt buckle of the shirtless version. Again, the belt buckle looks like a barbell plate.

Here's anothe sleeveless version. I think it works well for Cap. Although that would require the actor who will play him to work out in order to achieve those shoulders and biceps. Maybe that's one reason the sleeveless look was disapproved. :) I purposefully simplified this version, since it's become de riguer for superhero costumes to have unnecessary design elements (I'm looking at you, DCnU). To overcome the simplicity, I went with the metallic accents again, with barbell plates on the boots, armbands and buckle. The chest emblem design gradually flows into the form of the cape, and I think the resulting shape near his shoulders look a bit like wings, suggesting the power of flight.

As the title says, these designs weren't approved. They wanted a much more sleeker design, so I did versions of that. I'll post them next time, and one of those designs led to the costume that Richard Gutierrez donned in the 2011 TV series.

Amusingly, the intention was for the costume to look sleek, but the final costume constructed for the TV series turned out to be bulky. Sigh.


George S. said...

I liked the third design (the red and yellow). Simple and to the point. Having too many elements and colors make the entire thing look busy, IMO. Hey, maybe you can cut off the sleeves of that design to complete the look. The dude lifts barbells...let him show off his guns! :D

Reno said...

It would be ideal (IMO) for CB to go sleeveless, but unfortunately I think most local actors, unlike their US counterparts, don't have the initiative to train and bulk up for their roles, hence the preferred padded suits we see in movies and tv series here.

TheCoolCanadian said...

Yep, the 3rd one with sleeveless costume is the best. It looks just perfect for the superhero. It's less gaudy as well, and the color scheme is bang-on. I could almost visualize the effect it will have on a giant TV screen.

Unfortunately, some TV producers in RP are absolutely clueless. Instead of hearing what the artist has to say, they would rather pretend they know what they're doing and most of the time end up choosing not the best they could have had for the show. And yes. Actors in RP, especially the so-called superstars, don't seem to like to do hard work. They're more or less slobs when it comes to being healthy. I remember one time at ABS-CBN Studios on Bohol Avenue, I had to run to the nearest washroom because I was choking from cigaret smoke I inhaled in the TV barn from inconsiderate actor smokers. As soon as I barged into the dressing room washroom, there was this tall and well-known actor (whose the father of a well-known actor of GMA these days). He was washing his face and I was shocked when I thought he was bleeding profusely! I said: "Did you have an accident, or something?" He put his forefinger against his lips : "Huwag kang maingay. Baka mabuko ako. Naghihilamos lang ako ng MERTHIOLATE!"

"Ha? Bakit?"

"Ito ang nagpapapula sa mukha ko ko at gustung-gusto ng aking mga fans! Tulad diyan sa mukha mo, laging pink!"

"putris ka, tinakot mo ko. Akala ko, may sumaksak na sa iyo. Kumain ka ng prutas at gulay araw-araw, tiyak na magiging pink din ang mukha mo. Merthiolate. Masusunog niyan ang balat mo, sige ka."

See? they always want to take the shortcut. For example, they go for Liposuction instead of hitting the gym. And the directors seem not to insist on compelling them to work hard. Unfortunate.

Reno said...

JM, pekeng merthiolate pa ang ginagamit. The real merthiolate has no color, it's clear as water. The red merthiolate is fake and has no government approval. :)

TheCoolCanadian said...

But it worked for him to make his face pink. :)

I won't name this actor because he's a great guy. Mabait talaga ito. Wala akong masabi sa ugali niya. Pero ang napangasawa nito, my GAWD, grabe. Hindi mo akalaing gumanap ito ng papel ni Eba sa isang pelikulang Adam and Eve ang dating, na ang paraiso ay nilagyan ng puro plastic na bulaklak. LOL.

Anonymous said...

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