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Wednesday, October 16, 2002

There must be something wrong with my blog page. The last time I looked at my page, the last entry was 9/2/2002. But I had written something last 9/30/2002. I don't know why my last blog won't appear, but if that's the case, then chances are this latest blog won't appear on the page, too. That would mean I'm the only one who's ever gonna read this, which may be the equivalent of talking to oneself.

Argh! I hope the problem gets fixed soon. I also changed the look to make my blog more readable. I think the links to the left are gonna disappear with the new look. Anyway, you can head to Gerry Alanguilan's site, KOMIKERO to see some really good stuff.

And you can also head to my site, CAPSULEZONE , if you haven't been there already. Lord knows it really need updating. Just bear with me.

Gotta get back to work now...

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