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Monday, November 18, 2002

It's the holiday season once more, so me and my wife, Kuki, decided to go to Greenhills for some Christmas shopping.

You know those vendors in the streets who sell candies, newspapers, and the like? Some even sell toys (like those animals with the bobbing heads) and mini foldable seats. Well, there was this one vendor who really had us laughing hard. It was along Wilson St. going to Greenhills. Take a guess at what this guy was selling.

Made your guess yet? Believe it or not, the guy was selling FISHING RODS. What the hell?!!? Who sells fishing rods on the street walking around while the traffic light's red? Better yet, who's gonna buy them? I can't imagine anyone seeing this vendor and saying, "Hey! Fishing Rods! Just what we need while we shop at Greenhills!"

I'm still wondering how many fishing rods that guy sells in a day (if ever).

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