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Friday, April 04, 2003

Something from the KOMIKERO message board:

Attention: Philippine Comics Creators and Publishers

Psicom Publishing, Mango Comics, Culture Crash Comics, and Pupung Company, recently met and discussed the state of the local comic book industry. It was determined that for the local comic industry to survive, much less progress, it would be to everybody’s advantage to cooperate in pursuing a common goal.

With this in mind, they formed a loose coalition and are inviting fellow creators and publishers to participate.

Below is the concept paper and mission statement of the group. Please read the document in its entirely. All those interested can send e-mail to swampting@edsamail.com.ph to receive instructions on where the online discussions will be held. Discussions will focus on the following topics:

1. To increase comic book awareness;
2. To establish a comic book section in major bookstores, i.e. National Bookstore;
3. To negotiate with other retailers to increase local comic book visibility;
4. To attempt to organize a centralized distribution system

This will be a moderated discussion group.

Thank you. Let’s support this endeavor.

Reginald Ting


Concept Paper for Association of Philippine Comics Creators and Publishers

The Philippine comics industry is almost dead. Now only very low quality, murky newsprint comics are in circulation nationwide, and dwindling at that. Only a handful of original titles of better quality are in the market today – with an average of 10,000 copies of these sold in a year’s time.

Filipino comic book artists are well known in the USA, where the comics industry has had a so-called second coming. There is a wealth of talent locally that can be tapped to urge a similar second coming of comics here.

There is a need to reawaken awareness of comic books as powerful means of communication, whether for information dissemination, education, cultural expression (art) or pure entertainment. With awareness comes interest and eventually, patronage. Thus, should the local comics industry strive for its revival, an awareness campaign is a must.

A united front must be formed. It should be comprised of entities with a stake in comics: writers, artists, creators, publishers. An organization/association that will work for the promotion of local comics is needed.

As an initial activity, a communications program shall be designed and implemented.

A vibrant Philippine comics industry wherein titles abound that are patronized by Filipinos of all walks of life, such title being of good quality and contributing to the socio-cultural well-being of the country.

· To help uplift the quality of locally produced comics
· To help develop the market for locally produced comics

Membership requirements
· Publishers of locally produced comics
· Creators of locally published comics whose covers are at least offset printed

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