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Thursday, June 12, 2003

In keeping with my two previous blogs and in celebration of Philippine Independence Day, here's a forwarded e-mail I'd like to share with my fellow Pilipinos...

Kanin, Sinangag, Suman, Arroz Caldo, Lugaw, Puto, Kutsinta, at iba pang Kakanin,
halina't mag-anyaya kumain at magdiwang, busugin ang diwa at tiyan ng kapatirang tunay na tunay na Pilipino!
This June 12, 2003, as God is present... in the murmur of a gentle breeze (1 Kings 19:12) , cheerily waving our Philippine flags hoisted in flag poles, tied to vehicle antennas, proudly displayed wherever it is hanged, and as school kids may draw and color the Philippine flag on bond paper, let us with loving brotherly concern greet each other "Kumain Ka Na?"
Of all the unique Filipino trait that is being practised daily, more or less five times a day, is the invitation to eat, to partake of one's meal or meryenda, to fill one's stomach with our daily bread which the good Lord has gracefully given.
With rice as our staple food, once eaten by a cupful or two during meals, rice meals easily gets digested with the ample serving of ulam or viand. Hence, the habit of taking in-between snacks to fill in the craving gap. Nowadays, more Filipinos get by with a cup of coffee only, and maybe pandesal, or a hot bowl of instant noodles in the morning, light snack in between lunch and dinner.
One hears the line exchanged in offices, homes, work sites, and school, and is more often greeted with the one-liner during lunch breaks. It is almost unetiquette, like social bad manners or sign of selfness, when one just go ahead to eat without the customary invitation to eat, asked with sincerity or not, or even maybe a little worst, be sitted eating, alone. For the Filipinos, the more the merrier, the more rice, the heartier appetite, such warm instant gratification to feed one's being.
So, this Philippine Independence Day, let us be mindful of our katabi, our kabayans' hand-to-mouth existence, and with sincere concern sprinkled with celebratory tidings, of being alive, independendent- financially or otherwise, pack an extra helping, share our baon, and witness the Lord's bountiful miracle of multiplication of spiritual acts of kindness and generosity, straight from the heart to the tummy. Remember as we say our grace, our less fortunate Filipinos without meals or jobs, be thankful you have yours, or about to have, and let us try to unify our lives, works and goals to make our Philippines, truly independent of poverty, strife and ignorance,  but dependent on God's Almighty power, his mercy and love, to bless the Filipinos' aspirations and good deeds.

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