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Tuesday, June 17, 2003

IT'S A GIRL!!!! (well... most probably.)

Kuki and I went to the doctor yesterday for her monthly pregnancy check-up, and it ws time for our second ultrasound. The baby was in a breech position (suhi to my fellow Pinoys), but the doc said not to worry, most babies go back to the right position after a while.

There was no visible sign of a penis, but there also wasn't a visible sign that there's a slit in between the baby's legs, indicating that it's a girl. But the doc said in all likelihood it is a girl. The baby's 5 months old, and we'll get to know for sure on the seventh month.

The first ultrasound we had, the baby looked like a peanut... but this time you could see that it's really another human being in there. You could see the legs, the face, the arms... you could even count her fingers.

I hope everything goes well during this pregnancy, and I thank God for taking care of Kuki and the baby.

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