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Friday, November 14, 2003

Been away for two weeks, mainly because we've had a baby!!!!

Her name is Calista Jade, born on October 30, 2003 at 12:03 am, weighing 8 lbs. and 5 oz.

These past two weeks have been two weeks of sleepless nights, and many more in the year to come, but that pales in comparison to the joy Kuki and I feel when we see, hold, and take care of our precious daughter. Like a friend said, "Prepare for the happiest year of sleepless nights in your life."

But I digress. We went to the doctor for our bi-weekly check-up last October 27, and she told us that the baby still had no progress, and her due date was Oct. 30. So she advised us to check-in at the hospital the next day, to try and induce labor. A birth via C.S. (Caesarian Section) was only to be our last option.

So that's what we did. We spent almost the whole next day in the Lamaze room, but the baby still wouldn't come out. Oct. 29, the dctor advised me to just stay in the hospital room, and they'll call me if there are any further developments. At around 11:40, they sent for me. They told me that they're gonna go for a C.S., because the baby's heartbeat had begun to slow down. I gave my consent, and at 12:03am, Jade was born.

They wheeled Kuki out at around 5:20am. The reason why they had to do C.S. is becaue the baby won't fit through Kuki's pelvic bones. What a big baby! When we got to look at her for the first time in the nursery, everyone was surprised because she didn't look like a newborn at all. And she was the biggest baby there. I just thank God that she came out okay and healthy.

Thanks to everyone who visited us at the hospital, and to all our well-wishers. We really appreciate it. Thanks again!!!

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