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Friday, February 06, 2004

So much time has gone by since I last blogged. i don't know... I just don't have the drive to express my thoughts that much anymore. And now I'm blogging for one simple reason... to plug my indie comic book MASKARADO. A preview issue (or #0 if you will) is already available at Comic Quest Megamall (thanks heaps, Vin Simbulan ). The copies have been there since last week, and I do hope it's selling quite reasonably. Anyone who's interested, get your copy for only 20 pesos! Though I have to make an announcement that issue #1 is coming out by the end of February, and it's gonna be 50 pesos a copy. I hope that doesn't turn off those who bought the #0 issue.

Thanks to Gerry Alanguilan , Budjette Tan , Jonas Diego and all the other people who bought a copy. You guys make it worthwhile to do this stuff. And also to my good friend Ariel Atienza for all the support he's been giving me.

"Til next time (I wonder when that will be?)....

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