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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

I just watched Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith last night with Kuki, and it was a satisfying way to end the Star Wars series.


THE BAD: Dialogue really isn't George Lucas' strong point, especially during the dramatic scenes between Anakin and Padme. I can't help but wince sometimes when they deliver their lines. But to be fair, there are some good lines. Although there are also inconsistencies in what some characters are saying. Like one time when Anakin says his loyalty is to the "Republic," then a few minutes later in the same scene he refers to it as the "Empire."

THE GOOD: Good fight scenes, and the much-hyped lightsaber duel between Anakin and Obi-Wan intercut with Yoda's duel with Palpatine is great to watch.


I'm disappointed in General Grievous, who's supposed to be a badass (as seen in Cartoon Network's CLONE WARS) but it seems Obi-Wan didn't have much difficulty in defeating him.

Man, these Jedi love to chop off hands!

While watching the movie, i was quite unconvinced with the way Anakin turned to the Dark Side. it seemed too quick. But then I realized that he had been under Palpatine's wing for quite some time, so the seeds were already planted some time ago.

Padme's death was a letdown, seeing as how she gave up on living because she thought Anakin was lost to her forever. Hey, what about your kids, huh!? Didn't you consider fighting to live for them??!?!

Obi-Wan is more of a badass fighter than he lets on.

Same goes for Yoda.

I guess Chewbacca must be pretty old, huh? He's an adult in this episode, so that must mean he's about middle-aged by the time A NEW HOPE comes around.

The part where Darth Vader weeps for Padme is kinda cliché, but it works in establishing what a tragedy his life has become, and makes you feel sympathetic for him by the time of his redemption in RETURN OF THE JEDI.

So what did they do to all the clones? Were the Stormtroopers still clones of Jango Fett? Most of them (almost all, excluding the ones killed in battle) were pretty much still alive when the movie ended. Is this why Boba Fett never takes off his helmet?

Threepio and Artoo being mind-wiped explains why they don't remember Obi-Wan and everything that has gone before, but why doesn't Darth Vader remember them, seein as how Anakin actually BUILT Threepio?

Artoo is a joy to watch, as always. He is one kick-ass droid.

I guess that's all my thoughts on Episode III for now. Watch this movie. You'll be leaving the theater wanting to watch the original trilogy all over again.

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