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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

I just watched the first hour of the documentary The Self Destruction of the Ultimate Warrior, produced by WWE. Being a WWE product, I was prepared to see the Ultimate Warrior slammed (no pun intended). And this video does just that.

But don't get me wrong, this is an enjoyable thing to watch. Especially hilarious was the segment when they featured the Warrior's soliloquys and interviews. Most of the time you couldn't understand what he was saying. It's not that what he was saying was garbled (like Stallone), it was just that the words he was saying just didn't make sense. I laughed out loud especially when he was talking and he was holding the Championship Belt in front of his face, so you couldn't see him talking.

Being a kid of the 80s, thinking back now, I do remember a few times when I watched the Warrior's interviews and was left with a dumbfounded look on my face. I was like "What the hell did he just say??!?!" (not in that way of course, being a kid, but you get the idea).

Most of the old school guys interviewed had both good and bad things to say, but the one guy who really didn't have any kind words for the Warrior was Bobby "The Brain" Heenan. I guess he genuinely hated the guy, which is a bit interesting since he'd had a hand in managing most of the Warrior's opponents.

I would have liked to have heard Rick Rude's thoughts, since he's the one opponent I always associate with the warrior. Sadly, he's gone now, so...


I found Edge to be a bit of a hypocrite, since he slammed the Warrior quite a bit (God, I'm getting tired of having to type "the Warrior" over and over again), but when he was doing a promo for the Wrestlemania X8 DVD, he was recalling how excited he was when he watched the Hogan/Warrior match at Wrestlemania VI. I guess he needs to get on Vince's good side, since he still dreams of one day becoming WWE Champ.

The most honest opinions I've seen so far are those coming from Chris Jericho and Christian, who were just fans during the Warrior's heyday.

Didn't the Warrior have any friends in the locker room at all? it seems most of the old guys they interviewed had something bad to say. Maybe they just didn't bother to track down some of the guys who got along with him.

All in all, watch this if you grew up in the 80s watching wrestling. It's a nice trip down memory lane, and hilarious to boot.

I've read rumors in the internet that Ultimate Warrior is palnning on releasing his own DVD, but I doubt it's gonna be as funny as this one.

Oh, and if you want both sides of the story, there's also an Ultimate Warrior Shoot Interview video available. I wanted to get it, but put it off for another time since it was basically just one long interview, with no bonus matches at all. I guess since WWE owns all the footage of the Warrior's matches, it would be pretty hard to get their permission.

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