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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Jade is sooooo unlucky everytime we go on a vacation. Something bad always happens to her. Not really bad, but something not so good.

The first time it happpened was when we went to Bicol. On the night before we were supposed to go home, ants bit her in her sleep. She woke up crying so loud. When we opened the light, her right eye was almost swollen shut by an ant bite. She was sobbing in the plane on the way home, and was even crying a little bit during the cab ride from the airport. When we got home though, she was her usual chipper self, albeit with a swollen eye.

The second time was our trip to Baguio this year, and this one had no explanation whatsoever. Around our second night I noticed that her upper lip looked a bit swollen. Since she was sleeping face down, we turned her over, and GAAAAAHHH!!! it WAS swollen. Though this time there wasn't any pain of any kind. We thought it was an allergic reaction to strawberries, but when we fed her strawberries when we got back home (just to be sure), no swelling happened. Weird.

The most recent mishap was this past 3-day weekend. We were in Shangri-La Edsa Plaza, enjoying a nice swim with her cousins. After swimming, we went up to the room. She was taking a bath with Kuki when I heard a loud "BAM!" Kuki called out to me and there was Jade, crying with blood spilling from her lip. Being the "malikot" girl that she is, she was reaching for a piece of soap when she slipped and hit her mouth on the bathtub ledge. We rushed her to the emergency room, and thank God she didn't need any stitches. So now her lower lip is busted.

At least she's now back to her usual chipper self.

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