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Monday, July 24, 2006


Yep. Not dead yet. Just couldn't blog because of a firewall setup. But that's all OK now.

Hmmm... now what?

Some people have been asking me about the EXODUS comic project for some time now. Well, sad to say, i won't be involved in that project anymore. Let's just say there were some... differences between me and the publisher. But just to set things straight, I don't have any ill feelings towards them. I DO hope that they'll push through with the project, even if it involves a new creative team. And of course, their TALES FROM THE ENCHANTED KINGDOM comic now has issue three in stores, so go buy 'em! I'll try to see if I can post some of the finished pages here or at my website (www.capsulezone.tk). There are about five or six pages done, and some unfinished pencils and character designs.

On the Captain Barbell front, I'll be posting my designs and illustrations soon on my website (www.capsulezone.tk, again). It's great to hear that the GMA TV show is doing well ratings-wise. My main gripe is that they don't show Richard Gutierrez in costume often enough.

Elbert Or has asked me to draw a story for their upcoming PROJECT:HERO volume 2. I think they're targeting a release date later this year, so hopefully 2006 won't end without me getting some new comics work out. I hope I can meet the deadline! (Fingers crossed)

Hopefully I can release TABLOID KOMIKS issue 5 at this year's KOMIKON. Haven't decided yet whether to get a table, since I don't have any new stuff to sell, anyway. But Gerry Alanguilan offered me a bit of space at his table, so I might take him up on that offer. hee hee...

A few plugs for some friends and acquaintances...

Visit Gio Paredes' blog, he may be Maskarado's biggest fan, and I'm flattered by that. He's got some cool characters that he plans to self-publish someday. Here's hoping that day comes soon, Gio!

Bong Leal has some cool art at his blog, he also helped me out with Exodus, doing backgrounds and colors for me. He also designed new, official looks for Darna and Lastikman.

Read Dodo Dayao's thoughts here, he's a budding director, and also the writer of the new Captain Barbell komiks. So, where's the script, Dodo? Pressure! Haha.

And lastly, check out my arm-wrestling match with Troy Montero. Guess who won? (Hint: halos sumuka ako ng dugo.)


Ed said...

Haha! Welcome back to the blogdom! Nice to hear some good news from you, mate. Sayang di tayo nagkita last time sa isang event. I wasn't well so I went home early.


Reno said...

Thanks Ed! Good to be back! Hope to see you soon, too!


Hi! Glad to meet you in person!Masskarado is an awesome pinoy komiks.I'll be collecting it from now on!^___^

Reno said...

Hey John! Looking forward to seeing your comic printed soon!

Jonas Diego said...

Your back, at last! :D

Reno said...

Time will tell if that's a good thing, Jonas. :)