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Friday, March 16, 2007

I'm in Thailand right now for the ADFEST. It's pretty okay, but I've been away for more than a day and already I'm missing Kuki and Jade. I can't wait to get back home on Monday.

Anyway, that's not even why I'm blogging right now. I'm really excited because I've got my first US comics gig, as an inker on THE ADVENTURES OF LIGHTNING SQUIRREL. It's written by Jeff Kipnis, pencilled by Victor Cabanelas and published by Rabidfrog Productions. I'm on board for issue number 3. It's a six-issue miniseries, so I'll be doing four issues total.

But that's not all. I'm going to be PENCILLING and INKING another book for another US independent publisher by the middle of this year. I don't know if I can give away the details yet, but it's an ongoing book. I'll post updates as soon as I can.

On top of that, I'm trying to get issue 8 of Maskarado finished and have been seeing if a colored TPB collection of the first Maskarado storyarc will be feasible. Plus I'm doing a 7-page short story for yet another US indie.

Oh, and THE WITNESS was picked up by SCAR COMICS in the UK for inclusion in their anthology, DEAD BY DAWN Quarterly. At least I don't have to draw that anymore. Hehe.

Pile that on top of my regular job, and I think I'll be dead by 2008. :)

But really, I'm very excited that all this comics work is coming my way. I just hope I can keep up.


Gio Paredes said...

Congrats men. More power to you. :-)

Reno said...

Thanks, Gio!

Dodo said...

Uy pare congrats! Sa wakas! Hehehe.

(In progress pala yung pinapagawa mo sa kin.Hehe. )