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Friday, February 29, 2008


The original Tiny Tony was created by Mars Ravelo and Jim Fernandez. I think this character, out of all the other Mars Ravelo characters, was really begging for a re-design, since he was just wearing a striped shirt, black trunks and went around barefoot. Here are some of my sketches for the new Tiny Tony design, commissioned by the Ravelos...

These are the initial designs I had. You can see what I thought about each design from my notes. The first one is in the vein of the traditional superhero tights, but even as I did it I wanted it to be not too superhero-ey. The second is more of a special forces type, since I reasoned that in his small size he could do with a bit more of protection, and also as you can see I wanted him to have gadgets, since he was a scientist in his original incarnation. On the third design, I was playing with the thought of him being an adventurer-type like Doc Savage. Although I think it went a bit too far to the other side of the spectrum and the look became too much civilian wear-ish.

Here's the final design. Ultimately, they went with the first sketch, but incorporating the idea of the second sketch wherein he will have gadgets to help him do whatever stuff he needs to do. Also, the bodysuit has become a bit more of a body armor. In all of the designs, the big "T" is ever-present, although I think in spite of it being big, it comes off as a subtle design element.

All in all, I have done three re-designs for the Ravelos, namely Captain Barbell, Flash Bomba and Tiny Tony.

And as an added treat, here's Tony fighting a snake (art by Jim Fernandez), image borrowed from www.internationalhero.co.uk, courtesy of Mars Ravelo fanatic Raffy Arcega...

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