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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

You know that TV ad that says "I'm a PC, I'm a Mac" that conveys the message that Mac is better?

Well, yeah, maybe, but certainly not in my case.

Don't get me wrong. I have been a loyal Mac user for more than a decade, but being a Mac OWNER is the pits. Kuki bought a 17" iMac G5 for me about two years ago. It was working fine until last October then a vertical line started appearing on the screen. I inquired about it at my local dealer and they said the LCD needed replacing, but the parts needed were unavailable.

Fast forward to today, and my whole screen is shot (I'm typing this at the office). Since it's an iMac, it's just in one piece, not like a PC which has a separate monitor and CPU. Well, guess what? It seems the parts are still unavailable, and it's looking bleak that Apple's going to start production on it again. Which just sucks big-time. I was forced to buy an external monitor, but to my surprise the cable I need isn't readily available here in the Philippines. It's been two weeks now and I have to wait for the cable to arrive from God-knows-where. So essentially, I haven't been able to use my computer for close to two weeks, since last week was Holy Week and the computer shop couldn't process my order.

To be fair, the local Mac dealers have been a great help, but Apple itself irritates me. I've since then learned that a lot of people have had the same problems with the same mac model, but Apple seems to be keeping mum about the whole issue. There was one guy online who had the same problem and had his Mac replaced (kids, if you're purchasing a Mac, it's advisable to purchase the extended 3-year warranty called AppleCare, although it's a bit on the expensive side, too). What happened to his new Mac? The screen started to have vertical lines, too. Meaning that THAT particular iMac model really had problems.

So, Mr. Steve Jobs, shouldn't we all get a refund or have our Macs replaced since you sold us defective products in the first place?

Yeah, like that'll happen.

So, kiddies, if you want to buy a Mac, get AppleCare, and don't buy the 17" iMac G5.

Me, I'm considering buying a PC for my personal use. At least the parts I need are available EVERYWHERE.

Crap... This thing just pisses me off.


Ed said...

I've been wanting to have a Mac. Just to say to everybody that I have/had one.

My friends tell me not to. Few years back is considerable to get a Mac. Now since the technology advances so quickly, you don't have to. My boss told me I don't need to have a Mac.

Mac is pretty, I adore the very simple design--so slick! Anyway, PC is good esp. when you like to add lotsa stuff in it; hardware-wise or software...and viruses. Hehehehe!


Reno said...

The one thing keeping me from getting a PC si my fear of viruses. But more and more I think that's not too much of a problem.

I guess it would be better if Mac support was much easier to get locally, and of course if it wasn't so damn expensive.

So, anyone here wants to convince me to go PC? :)

Gio Paredes said...

Hello Reno,
Ganoon talaga ang Apple. They are know to have the worst warranty. That is why they have AppleCare. Mabilis kasi silang mag upgrade ng mga model nila. Instead of fixing the problem with the older Macs. They just tend to build a newer model. In this case the new iMacs today runs on intel, unlike what you have which is G5.

Pero kahit ganoon pa man. I still want to own a MacMini. At lease iyon pwede kong lagyan ng cheaper LCD monitor. :-)

Ed said...

Viruses for PC isn't really a big deal. They don't attack your documents, they attack the system. Important thing is you should ALWAYS have backup drives that are external ones. Not those slaved ones.

MacBook Air is so slick. I wan't one though it's expensive right now.

You can always do a system restor if your PC has a virus.

Reno said...

Gio... ang problema, medyo mahal ang AppleCare. Kaya mapapa-dalwang-isip ka kung kukuha ka o hindi. My point lang is defective na yung produkto in the first place. Kaya nakakabuwisit na defective na nga, di pa available yung replacement parts.

Di yata maganda yung MacMini. Marami ding nagkakaproblema doon.

Ed... thanks for the advice. Parang lalo akong nakukumbinsi na kumuha na lang ng PC.

TheCoolCanadian said...

Those defective Imacs were fixed by Apple for FREE. If they were done this way here in north America, why not there in RP?

I'm surprised that you don't get part so easily there? Even the distributors can't? That sounds quite bizarre to me.

I have been using Macs since the very beginning and I haven't had any problems with them.

They're great for FINAL CUT PRO. This editing software from Apple is becoming the standard in editing. Why don;t you write Steve Jobs a note? He should hear what an unhappy customer has to say.

Before you buy a PC, I have a question: what do you think of the 30-inch crystal clear LCD Apple monitor? Sleek? Isn't just. I've got one and am I ever happier working in-front of it ;D


Seriously, sent Mr. Jobs an email. He should fix your imac because that's what Apple did here in North America. That problem is well-known and everybody knows they fix them for free.

Reno said...

JM, thanks for the info, but still, the reality of living in a third world country doesn't make the outlook too good.

Anyway, the cable I needed to hook it up to an external monitor arrived two days ago, and I'm able to use my Mac now. Although the cable costs almost TWICE AS MUCH as the price listed at the Apple store.

There's also an online petition from folks here who've experienced the same problem. Sana mapakinggan. :)