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Sunday, February 01, 2009

COLD BLOODED CHILLERS issue 3 review from www.comicbits.online.com:

"And Reno Maniquis provides some really pro-quality art and it really is eye-catching. Turtles, jellyfish, seahorse and sharks drawn wonderfully."

Read the entire review here.

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Anonymous said...

bro is there a revival of this character?: http://internationalhero.co.uk/g/gagamba.htm

Reno said...

None that I know of... The last Redondo character to get a revival was Palos, but after that nobody else. I guess the most prolific character licensors now are the ravelos and Carlo J. Caparas.

beektur said...

Hi Reno - This is an unrelated comment. Some time ago, you posted a comment regarding Luciano Uyan. I have just recently purchased a 1955 painting of his - a copy of Amorsolo's 1942 Harvest Season. I wonder if you have more info/contact info or Mr. Uyan or any of his family members. Thanks so much. If you can please reply to vbvelasco@gmail.com, I would really appreciate that. Have a great day,