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Thursday, February 26, 2009


My Mac is on the fritz again. I've blogged about my Mac before and how the LCD was damaged and it would cost me PhP30,000 to get it repaired and all that hassle, which I managed to remedy by getting an external monitor (costs a lot less than 30 grand). Now months later it's acting up on me again. When I boot it up, the screen has some noise, and then the desktop will appear. But once I move my mouse, everything freezes. Now I know it isn't my external monitor, since I tested it with other devices and they appeared on the screen with no problem.

Really damn frustrating to own a Mac here, since there's only a handful of tech support companies that you can go to, and their services are not cheap. My only wish now is that the technician coming on Saturday can retrieve all the files that I have and back them up. There's a whole lot of work there that I have to re-do if it doesn't get retrieved. If the Mac repair gets to be too expensive, I'll just junk it and get myself a PC. Hopefully the Mac guys can give me a reasonable offer on the thing and they can strip it for parts.

I'm going PC from now on. It's a whole lot cheaper, and if it breaks down at least tech support is available almost anywhere. I just have to get some advice on what I need to buy, since what I do is graphics-heavy and I think I need a heavy-duty PC for that kind of stuff. I'm very illiterate when it comes to computer hardware stuff, so I hope I can get a good replacement at a reasonable price.

I'm not dissing on the Mac here (although it might seem that way), I'm sure Mac is very very user-friendly compared to a PC. I'm just frustrated that it gets SO DAMNED EXPENSIVE once the Mac needs to get repaired.


Gio Paredes said...

Welcome to the Dark Side(world of PC) Reno... hahaha :D

Reno said...

The computer was picked up today... they'll see if it's salvageable. But upon primary inspection they said it might be the logic board that's busted... replacing it would cost PhP40,000. See how expensive a Mac gets??!?!? For that price, I could get a PC AND A LAPTOP!!!