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Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I think a Komiks Convention bug has hit the Philippines. What with the Komikon now holding a summer convention (the Komikon Summer Fiesta this May), in addition to the one later this year, and the Manila Comic Con in August. Not to mention other "geek-oriented" conventions which comics have always been a part of (like the Philippine ToyCon). Is there a comprehensive listing somewhere?

I confess that I miss being a part of these things. But lately I haven't had any local output that I can bring to the table. My comics work nowadays consist mostly of doing stuff for US small press publishers. As much as I want to, the demands of my regular job and budgetary constraints prevent me from doing self-published work at the moment. Nothing beats the fulfillment of creating comics with no restraints except the ones you put on yourself., and just letting yourself run wild with ideas. Hopefully I can go and do stuff like this in the near future.

In the meantime, I guess I'll still be attending these conventions. But not as an exhibitor... I'll be there as a regular convention-goer. I hope I don't miss these events like I did the last Komikon. :)


Mark Rosario said...

Nice new template, Reno. I like it :D

Reno said...

Thanks, Mark. I actualy just changed the colors and added a header that shows me making a fool out of myself. hehe.

Gio Paredes said...

Hahahaha... nice header Reno. Baliw ka rin pala. I still can't remove the big smile on my face.. :D

monsanto said...

But you do! Ang pag labas ni Maskarado sa Bayan Knights pre remember? :) So may output ka pa rin in a way.

Gio Paredes said...

You can check here for a more comprehensive listing of the events.


Reno said...

Yo Gio, thanks for the listing! And thanks for liking the header. haha!

Gilbert... I thank you for having Maskarado appear in Bayan Knights. I wish I could do more for the Knights, but at this time wala pang oras. Pero siguro in the fututre tulad ng ginawa natin sa Tropa, makapag-contribute kahit inks lang. :)