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Friday, April 24, 2009

Just stumbled upon this on the web... an early solicitation for DOMINO LADY #2, pencilled by yours truly. They put my real name on the credits list though, and it's a bit misspelled (it's supposed to be Carlo, not Carlos) but I think in the comic book itself I'll be credited as Reno Maniquis (hopefully).

Oh, and in case you're a bit lazy to click on the link, the solicitation reads...

Title: Domino Lady #2
Story: Nancy Holder
Art: Jan Carlos Maniquis
Colors: Jason Jensen
Covers: Matt Larson, Cortney Skinner
32pgs, color, $3.99-Mature readers

Buffy novelist and four time Bram Stoker Award winner Nancy Holder uncovers the sexy romp secrets of our stunning Blond Bombshell in “The Zeppelin Affair”!  There’s noir revenge and desperation a-plenty in this high flying mystery adventure!  The Domino Lady takes no prisoners…unless there’s one she likes, of course.

Available in August, 2009! See the covers below...


Gio Paredes said...

hmmm.. I think I have never asked you this before.. Paano nga pala naging Reno ang nick name mo? Para malayo kasi sa Jan Carlo sa Reno eh.

Reno said...

My birthday is on January 9... feast of the Nazareno in Quiapo. :)

Anonymous said...

kala ko sa liver spread hehehe.

ok ba ang payment sa mga indie publishers na tulad ng Domino?

Reno said...

Actually, masarap ang Reno Liver Spread. hehe.

Regarding payment ng indie publishers, talagang mas mababa sila kesa mainstream DC or Marvel. Pero siyempre, magandang exposure din.