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Friday, May 01, 2009

Just got back from the hospital. But it wasn't me who was hospitalized this time, it was Kuki. She had to have her gallbladder removed since it had stones in it. I'm glad to tell everyone that she's doing fine, and thanks to everyone who helped and kept us in their prayers, especially my mom who looked after Jade during the three days we were away.

That's it for now. Kuki still has difficulty moving since her tummy still hasn't fully healed, and we've missed Jade so much that were lookinf forward to spending the most time with her (as I type this, she's behind me doodling some stuff). :)


TheCoolCanadian said...

Reno (the original hunk of Pinoy Komiks):

Why did they still open her up?
My older brother had a stone and they used the procedure called: Lithotripsy.

The kidney stone machine dissolves kidney stones by use of shock wave. This process is one to three hours of stone crushing. It uses high energy shock waves which are focused at the exact location of the stone (located by use of x-rays) while the semi-anesthetized sufferer is suspended in a tank of warm water.

After the procedure, my brother went home unscathed. I wonder why they didn't give her this procedure?

Reno said...

Hi JM (the original heartthrob of Pinoy Komiks)...

Well, I guess that technology isn't available here yet.

They cut 3 tiny holes in her belly (it's for the camera and instruments) then pulled out her gallbladder from her bellybutton.

I think kidney stones can be crushed from the outside, gallstones are entirely different. But I could be wrong.

TheCoolCanadian said...


Yay. I hope I don't get any stones, including stones that some people would hit their own heads with. He-he.

I hope she's doing fine. When you mentioned about you getting some palpitations, sometimes the EKG could not catch the problem. A Stress Test would be the best to check it out. Many years ago, while working out, I had an incident of extremely rapid heartbeats, I could hear my own heart pounding so loudly. Went to the heart center in QC, has ECG, everything normal. So my doctor gave me a STRESS TEST. When it came back normal, at least I was reassured that my heart is A-okay.

I am not a stock holder of the stress test machine, but it might be a good idea.

Reno said...

I've had the stress test, too. So everything's fine. :)