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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Don't you just find it annoying when cab drivers ask for "a little bit more" right after you get inside their vehicle?

Kuki brought this up this morning, relating her experience recently while riding a taxi. It's just plain not right to ask for more money or a tip. We're the kind of people who almost always give tips, but this kind of behavior is really not proper. Aren't we all working for a living? Imagine, if a saleslady at SM were assisting you... Would she ask for a tip? While you're paying at the cashier, will she ask for "a little bit more" for her troubles? Get the point?

Drivers, please wait for your tip. Almost always, people just tell you to keep the change, anyway. And aren't you being paid by whoever owns the taxi you're driving? My barber doesn't ask me to give him a little extra, but I still do when he finishes cutting my hair.

Don't get me wrong. There are a lot of nice taxi drivers out there. But most of the time, the bad ones give the good ones a bad rap.


Gio Paredes said...

For the record, I really hate taxi drivers. I had many bad experiences with them, more than I could count.

That is why in my comics, I added the story of the taxi cab driver got what he needed.

TheCoolCanadian said...

"That is why in my comics, I added the story of the taxi cab driver got what he needed."

Sounds good to me! He-he.

I've been hearing bad stories about taxicabs in Manila and suburbs. What do you think is the root cause of this evil? Are they being paid enough by their employers? Why are they so desperate to act this way? Maybe you guys should interview how much a taxi driver makes; do their employers pay for their medical insurance; dental plans; bonuses; paid vacations?

Maybe after knowing their plight, we might understand them more deeply than the way we do now?
Gio, since you love to ride taxicabs, maybe you should do the dirty work – then email Reno and I so we'll know whatever you discover.

There should be something that makes this drivers act the way they do. I'm pretty sure of this. Unfortunately, someone has to do the dirty work and I think you're just perfect for this mission. Since I don't live there, it would be impossible for me to do it (excuses, excuses) ha.ha.

Email us your findings, please.

Reno said...

What I have discovered, JM, is when the cab driver is also the owner, they tend to be nice. And most of the time they don't choose the fares they pick up. This is what I've discovered. Usually when it's a late night cab ride, the nice drivers tend to get talkative. And more often, the talkative ones are also the cab owners.

TheCoolCanadian said...


The nasty ones, therefore, are the ones working for the cab company. This must be a case of apathy, then. They couldn't care less because its not their own taxi.

The authorities should crack down on these nasty drivers. I hear nothing but negative stories from Filipinos who went vacationing to RP. I haven't heard anyone so far tell me how wonderful his taxi driver was.

kc cordero said...

i have a standard reply for taxi drivers asking for add ons: PATI BA PULIS HINIHINGAN MO NG DAGDAG?

minsang sinabi ko ito, biglang 'nasira' raw ang taxi ng driver. 'yung isa naman muntik hinimatay. nakakatulong ang gupit ko at konting tiyan para magmukhang lespu, hehe.

Reno said...

Haha ok na gimik yan, KC. :)