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Tuesday, October 20, 2009


The world ends on 11.15.09 - that's when award-winning indie comic publisher Heske Horror (www.coldbloodedchillers.com) releases its anticipated doomsday anthology "2012: Final Prayer." Just like Armageddon, this release promises to be a "global event" with cataclysmic graphic tales, short stories and brief essays from creators from around the world: US, UK, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Finland, Ireland, Italy, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Scotland and South Africa.

Get a sneak peek here!

Read an interview with author and editor Robert Heske here!

Drew a title page illustration for a short story in this book. I'll post it on www.capsulezone.tk when I'm able. :)



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Anonymous said...

Hey Reno, I wrote the story you drew the title page illustration for. I haven't even seen it yet but am looking forward. I've enjoyed checking out your other work.


Reno said...

Hi Jason. Thanks for dropping by. I'll ask permission from Robert if I can post the artwork on my other website so you'll be able to see it in advance. :)

Anonymous said...

That'd be cool. If not, that's okay, anticipation is a good thing.