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Thursday, October 29, 2009


There are two very different reasons why men and women have car accidents.

Most men are just plain reckless. It's simple stupidity.

Women, in my analysis, are just oblivious to their surroundings. And it's not just while driving.

Case in point: One morning while walking to the train station, two women walking from behind me bumped me on both of my sides, making a momentary "me" sandwich. At first, I thought it may be a pickpocketing scam, but upon checking my valuables nothing was missing. Plus, both women looked actually surprised that they bumped into me, as if I was a wall that was suddenly in their way. But, even if I wasn't there, they would have bumped each other. And it was a very wide sidewalk, with pedestrians walking around comfortably. And how in heck would you not notice someone who's in front of you?!?!

Another case in point: When walking on my own, I usually walk up or down escalators. One time while I was walking up one, two women were busily chatting away in front of me. I said a simple "excuse me" and one of the women almost literally jumped out of her skin. She exclaimed "AAAYYY!!!" and then proceeded to mutter under her breath (but was clearly audible) "nakakagulat naman yung mama." What the heck is so startling with a simple "excuse me?"

Another example: On the elevated walkway from the Ayala business district going to Greenbelt... three women who do not know each other are walking side by side. Now, that walkway is wide. But they've occupied almost the whole path that most people were having a hard time squeezing in between them. It would have been a bit understandable if they were friends chatting away and being oblivious to their surroundings, but THEY DID NOT KNOW EACH OTHER and were simply walking at the same pace, oblivious to the fact that a small crowd was gathering behind them trying to get through.

Last example: Just this morning, while getting into the elevator, I let a woman who was there go into the elevator first. As soon as she got in, she keeps hitting the "close door" button while I was still on my way in. That was just WHOA.

Is it any wonder that most victims of bag snatchers are women?

So ladies, please keep your wits about you whenever you walk (or drive).


TheCoolCanadian said...


Sandwiched by two cars? Sheesh! It's a good thing you weren't hurt.

On the other hand, most pedestrians in the USA and Canada are not very safe-conscious. They seem to be oblivious when crossing the streets! They won't look left and right before crossing, and sometimes they even stand really close to the curb while waiting for the walk sign! Just because pedestrians have ALWAYS THE RIGHT OF WAY, they don't give a rat's ass on motorists' predicament, especially if it's night time and raining, and most pedestrians are wearing dark trench coats!

Reno said...

Whoops. Sorry for not being clear, JM... the two women were also walking, not driving. Edited the post to make it clearer. :)

Had the same experience in Hong Kong a while back. People just crossed the street without looking. They may have the right of way, but that right of way just might get them killed.