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Friday, January 29, 2010

I find it kind of funny when, in popular fiction, a guy who has mad fighting skills holds off multiple attackers, and the attackers just keep on coming. Much like when a superhero fights a bunch of henchmen, these henchmen just keep on attacking and in the end they get their butts kicked.

I mean, seriously, if I was one of those henchmen and I saw this guy disposing my comrades left and right, I would think twice about jumping into the fray. Chances are, I'd wind up in a hospital (or even dead, if the particular guy happens to be someone like, say, Wolverine).

So why do these guys keep on doing it? Or maybe they get recruited to be cannon fodder because they're total idiots and their purpose is to be exactly that? But, hey, if I were an evil mastermind, I'd recruit guys who're very, veerrry good at fighting. That way, I can defeat Batman or Daredevil or Bruce Lee with just a few henchmen. Quality trumps quantity, right?

So, to all henchmen out there, think twice before attacking a lone guy. And to all evil masterminds, think twice about what kind of guys you hire to be henchmen. :)


TheCoolCanadian said...


How true, how true.

Lalo na sa mga Asian films. Bollywood, Hongkong-ish, taglish, you wish... they all go away. He-he.

But, what's so funny is, the audience are not buying it, I always wonder what's driving these directors to keep making stupid films with this element.

Pero, tinalo silang lahat ng nasirang FPJ. Sa totoo lang, ORIG yung suntok niyang sunud-sunod, if you know what I mean. Wala pa akong nakitang Asian films na sumuntok na tulad ni FPJ, maski na si Amitab Bachan (king of Bollywood), hindi nakaisip ng ganito ka-orig na idea.
Laban silang lahat diyan?

Reno said...

Haha tapos ang finale ni FPJ, pompyang sa tenga, kasunod right hook! tumba sina Max Alvarado at Romy Diaz! :P