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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A new year, a new direction for me. January has been very hectic, but in a good way. For those who don't know yet, I've started freelancing full-time this month. Workload-wise, it's been very fruitful. Jobs keep coming in, and hopefully the trend will continue throughout the year.

Working at home has it's benefits... I save up on train and jeepney fare since I don't have to go anywhere (except on occasions where I have a meeting or I need to get my paycheck for a particular job done). The stress of commuting is also gone.

I don't snack on junk food too much anymore. The office pantry was stock full of junk food that it's hard to resist it's siren call. And I also save up on the money that I would otherwise use to buy junk food, too.

Best of all, I get to greet my daughter every time she comes home from school. Seeing me when she arrives puts a smile on her face, and it also puts a smile on mine, too.

I do miss my morning runs from the train station to the office, though. I occasionally get to run at the track of a nearby sports stadium, but sometimes there's a lot of work to be done so I have to start with it bright and early. Hopefully I can get back on track (no pun intended) with my running this February.

But overall, life has been better. I'm looking forward to this new phase with a lot of optimism. :)


TheCoolCanadian said...


Isn't telecommuting a great invention?
It's gaining a lot of popularity, especially here in north America.
What's more, you can work without wearing your work clothes. You can even work all day in your underwear. Lol. You can add that the things you're saving.

You're working just like Supremong Kapre. I doubt, though, if you keep a dos por dos beside you to make hataw to the anonymous pests. He-he.

May your income grows tenfold so you'll be a millionaire in two to three years. Good luck.

Reno said...

Haha. I can't work in my underwear, my daughter might walk in on me and get scarred for life. :P

Thanks for wishing me well, JM!

monsanto said...

Masasanay ka rin pag sa bahay nagwowork. ag nababagot ka, try mo magwork sa labas hehe. Minsan nakakatapos ako ng work sa starbucks haha. Di ako mahilig sa jazz music kaya di ako nadidistract ng bg music hehe.

Reno said...

When at home time seems to slow down to a crawl, January seems to be a very long month for me, even though I'm swamped with work.

Cant' work outside the house, Gilbert, I don't have a laptop. It's gonna be hard lugging a PC to Starbucks. hehe.