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Friday, April 08, 2011

A Jam-Packed MRT Moment...

Woman: (Raised voice) Aray ko! Dahan-dahan naman po!
Elderly Man: Masikip eh, maraming nagtutulakan.
Woman: (Raised voice again) Eh bakit naman kasing hindi magdahan-dahan!
Elderly Man: (Now raising his voice too) Eh masikip nga di maiwasan maitulak!
Woman: (Still with raised voice) Kayo pa ang galit kayo na nga nakasakit! Nakakahiya, pumapatol sa babae!
Elderly Man: Mas nakakahiya ka pumapatol ka sa matanda!

And thus the exchange ended.


Markus said...

This totally made my day! Haha!

Reno said...

I still can't understand why some women won't ride the car exclusively for women, children, and the elderly.

Visual Velocity said...

I get annoyed whenever people get angry whenever they get shoved in the MRT. Hello, it's the MRT. Expect to get shoved and harassed. If you want space, get a cab. Hehe