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Monday, October 23, 2006

Another KOMIKON has come and gone... and it was a blast! It was a lot roomier this time around, the tables weren't packed so close to each other. I don't know if it's because there were less exhibitors or not.

From the time the doors opened until about lunchtime, there weren't that many people. Bong, Dodo and I were contemplating if it was a bad sign. But after 1pm, people started coming, and soon after the place was packed! I think it's safe to say that more people went this year than the last.

Sales (komiks-wise) were also better this time around. Maybe it's due to the fact that we were selling more titles than last year. Our bestseller, of course, was the MARVELOUS KOMIKS preview, followed by ASKALS. I sold more MASKARADO titles this time around, but I guess that was due to the discounted price. The Ravelos also sold some merchandising stuff like pins and shirts.

Our MARS RAVELO Character displays got a good reaction from the crowd, most of them asking when the titles are coming out. Hopefully next year! (Pressure, Dodo!) I guess we've fulfilled the purpose of joining the Komikon, and that's to get people excited about these classic characters again. I was amused by one person who asked why we copied the Captain Barbell costume used by GMA 7. We quickly pointed out that we were the original designers and not the other way around.

We were joking around that maybe we should do manga to attract young girls, since most people asking around our booth were mostly guys in their 30s. hehe.

One guy with his girlfriend was looking at the MASKARADO komiks I had on display,and asked if this was the same Maskarado that was published in Tempo before. It always makes me happy taht some people still remember Maskarado from his original incarnation.

Komiks creators who came to visit us were Gerry Alanguilan, Edgar Tadeo, Jonas Diego, Jac Ting Lim, Randy Valiente, Budjette Tan, Andrew Drilon, KC Cordero, Tobie Abad, Ner Pedrina, Gilbert Monsanto and so many others that it would be difficult for me to name them all. Komiks historian Orvy Jundis also dropped by for a bit. Thanks for the support, guys! Special thanks also go to Budjette for giving me free copies of TRESE and to KC for giving me a complimentary copy of FILIPINO KOMIKS. And to Tobie Abad, too, who gave me a CD copy of his DILIMAN. Much appreciated, guys!

As always, Ka-jo Baldisimo never ceases to amaze me. I was milling around their table and got to see him do a TRESE sketch with a brush pen. It was awesome, not to mention fast!

I got to do some sketches of my own, I did around five, I think. Two Maskarados and three Captain Barbells. Sketching on the spot is always difficult for me to do. Nakaka-conscious. I'm sorry if the sketches turned out scratchy, guys! Bong also did some sketches, too.

Another young creator who has impressed me is Josel Nicolas. Watch out for more things from this young man.

I don't have any pics, because I'm a bit lazy when it comes to taking photos. You can mill around the 'net for photos taken by other people, though.

All in all, a satisfying experience. Hopefully, next year will continue the trend set by the first two KOMIKONs.

Ugaliing magbasa ng Pinoy Komiks!


Josel Nicolas said...

Wahooo!! Saya ng komikon! hahah. Nakabawi ako sa print run ko> heheh Thanks po sa mention! Ang ganda ng story nyo po sa Flash bomba, I was always so intrested in the character ever since reading about him in Gerry's musuem. Great story. Ganda.

Ed said...

Waah! Man, pasensya na't di na ako nakabili ng ibang issues ng Maskarado. I promised Gilbert kasi na bibili ako ng kanyang mga komiks.

Siguro when I'm done with Kadiliman books, let's make a one-shot Maskarado & Maskaradong Metal (or something).

Masaya ang Komikon. Sana next year makakuha ako ng booth. :)



kc cordero said...

dear reno,
okey 'tong preview ng marvelous komiks. malayo ang mararating ng drowing ninyo, ang gaganda na. i'll send a copy to jomari. nice meeting you.


Jon Zamar said...

ei Reno. May ibang lugar ba namabibilhan ko ng Marvelous Komiks preview? Badtrep di ako nakakuha last kon....

Reno said...

Josel: OK yung mga komiks mo, may pagka-off kilter, lalo na yung WHY SMOKE. Di ko lang rekomendado sa mga taong madaling ma-offend. hehe. At kahit to be continued, di naman bitin. Yung LOST IN SALASCO, ayos din. Malikot ang imahinasyon mo. Update mo ko kung may part 2 na. Yung Flash Bomba, si Zaldy Ravelo ang sumulat at ang gumuhit si Benjie( di ko maalala ang pangalan, sorry) Sy Sing. Parehong first-timers gumawa ng komiks, at makikita mong may talent din pareho. Solid first effort nila.

Ed: Oks lang, may kopya pa namang natitira. Game ako diyan sa Maskarado/Maskaradong Metal idea mo. At maganda ang set-up ng Kadiliman. Can't wait to see the full comic!

KC: Salamat din! And please do send a copy to Mr. Jomari. Gusto ko din malaman feedback niya. Nice meeting you too!

Jon: Bigyan ko na lang ng kopya si Ariel, ipaabot ko sa iyo. :)

Nostalgia Manila said...

Reno! Ayos tong blog mo! Link exchange tayo. ;)


Maraming salamat sa pag-bisita.


Reno said...

Salamat din sa pagbisita! Ilagay kita sa mga links ko.

Let's Volt INNNNNNNNN!!!!!

Reno said...

Just to clear things up... the fine fellow who drew the FLASH BOMBA short story is DAVID Sysing, who I foolishly named Benjie above (wonder where that came from?).

Sorry, David!

mangguhit said...

David ba? ...'kala ko Daniel.... :)

Reno said...

Di ko na alam, andaming version ng first name niya... :P

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