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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

National Artist Hoopla!

A lot of people are protesting the awarding of the title of National Artist to Carlo J. Caparas and Cecile Guidote-Alvarez by President Arroyo. A lot of people are also coming to their defense. But I think a lot of these pro-CJC, CGA and GMA people have been missing the point... These two persons are simply INELIGIBLE to be given the title (in Caparas' case, at least one of the titles).

People coming to the defense of GMA's decision are saying she has the prerogative to appoint those she deems worthy, and there's an Executive Order supporting this. I can accept that. But... Caparas was awarded the title of NA for VISUAL ARTS. He is not a visual artist, he's a writer. It was very laughable when he trotted out drawings that he did to prove that he can draw. But that's beside the point. The works he is known for were simply not drawn by him, they were writen by him. If he is to be given an NA title, it could be in literature (NA for film... yes he's qualified, but come on... these pro-Caparas people should be made to sit through all his massacre films in one sitting, just like what Jim Paredes suggested GMA to do). The simple fact is, HE'S NOT QUALIFIED IN THIS CATEGORY.  I guess Gerry Alanguilan can articulate this better than I can.

In Alvarez' case, there's a conflict of interest since she is the NCCA Executive Director (the same body responsible for awarding the NA titles). Which form what I've read makes her ineligible. SHE IS INELIGIBLE.

These two have been singled out by most protesters. Architects are not really protesting the fact that Francisco MaƱosa was given the title for Architecture. Pitoy Moreno being named NA for fashion design didn't create this much ire. So why the former two? BECAUSE THEY ARE EITHER UNQUALIFIED OR INELIGIBLE!!!!

Just imagine, if this is an honest mistake on the part of GMA, how many "honest mistakes" in the past have gone un-rectified?

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