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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

It's a great thing to know that international comics pro Edgar Tadeo is a MASKARADO fan. I quote...

"After I knew Maskarado was going to be publish again (this time, online) I feel like I was back in high school where I used to read this on Tempo newspaper tabloid. I used to draw the character too and dreaming one day I'll draw comics like Reno Maniquis."

Now, he's living his dream. And the shoe's on the other foot. Now, I'm the one dreaming I could work for the international comics scene like Edgar Tadeo.

Thanks, Ed, for the support. I remember the time too when I was amazed at all these young guys back then during the early 1990s, collectively known as Alamat. I remember stuff like Alamat 101, P-Noise, Indigo Valley, TKS, Tattooed and all the other great titles these guys were coming out with. It was a great time for comics, both here and abroad. Then these guys' names started to appear in US titles like Stone, Hazard, Iron Man, Wolverine, X-men... and it was great to see them make it. Once again, Pinoys proved to the world that they can come up with world-class work.

Kinda also reminds me how old I am. Ed read maskarado when he was in high school??!? I was already about to graduate college by then. Ha ha.

Ed was also kind enough to send me a piece of fan art...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com



Tyler said...

I was just wondering, are you ever going to post Maskarado in english?? Im not very good at Filipino....

Ed said...

Hey, Reno. Hahaha. I think I was 4th year highschool when I started reading your comic...can't remember really.

Thanks, man. :D


Reno said...

Sorry, Tyler. due to my ever-increasing workload, I just can't get to translating the strip in english just yet.

But maybe we can put it to a vote. If there's enough demand for it to be translated, then I'll try to find time to translate. Well, how about it, guys? :)

Ed... matanda pa rin ako. hehe.