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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

THE WITNESS short film can now be seen on the web!

Some years ago, I met through the internet a great and talented writer who hails from Cebu... Carlo Borromeo. We exchanged emails and basically hit it off pretty well and started collaborating on making our own comics stories. The Withess was our very first work together.

Some time after that, Carlo informed me that some Cebuano filmmakers wanted to do a short film based on our work. And now, I finally got to see the result of that. It's amazing how the shots have remained very faithful to what I drew. I guess you could say this is the most faithful comic-to-movie adaptation ever (take that, Sin City!).

You can view the movie here, and you can compare it with the original comic story here.

Kudos go to director Jurly Maloloy-on, Jr. and his crew. Great job guys!

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Benjie Ordonez said...

hey reno! we're glad you liked the film version of your comic story.

The Witness will be doing the festival rounds around the globe. We have already submitted copies to Japan, Austria and Manila for exhibition and competition.

Here in cebu, The Witness has been screened in two major festival and local screening sponsored by SineBuano.

Please email me your home addy so I can send you a copy of the film.