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Monday, June 20, 2005

Well, Father's Day has come and gone, and this is the second time that day has had something to do with me directly.

Kuki gave me a nice Father's Day gift... some coupons which she made herself, with stuff written on it like "Free Haircut"... or "1 Free Comic Book"... which I can redeem from her anytime within a 1-year period. Kakaiba nga, pero she said na she just got the idea from Martha Stewart.

Kaya when we were talking last night, I told her na when gift-giving season comes around, like her birthday, Mother's Day (na tulad nitong past one ay wala akong nai-regalo sa kanya but just took her shopping afterwards), etc... I feel a bit pressured, since she sets the "gift-giving bar" so high na anything I give her seems... pedestrian by comparison.

But of course, she'd say that it's all right... I don't have to rack my brain so much.., things like that. But we guys know better, right? When it comes to our significant others, we can't rely solely on what they say. Sometimes, guys have to be psychic to make women happy.

But I'm really thankful for Kuki, and I'm thankful for Jade, too. They're the two most important girls in my life, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Sheesh... I thought this entry was gonna be something about fatherhood, but it turned into something else entirely.

I guess bago pa lang ako sa pagiging ama, and I know that I've still got a long way to go. But the journey has been worth it so far, and I guess that's how it should be. Marami pa akong matutunan, marami pa akong maituturo sa anak ko. And thank God for guiding me and Kuki dito sa aming journey through parenthood.

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