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Tuesday, July 19, 2005


This is true. Or more accurately, they occupy as much space as possible. I think Ariel mentioned this once in hbis blog. Like yesterday, while I was traversing the length of the walkway in Ayala Center. It wasn'te even crowded, but this certain group of three women walking side-by-side occupied the whole widh of the walkway, and you can't even get past them. They were even walking soooooo slow and chatting up a storm. When I said "Excuse me..." they even looked at me funny. What was up with that??!?

Then going home, walking along Ayala avenue while it was raining a bit... when I came to the shaded part of 6750, the women were walking with their UMBRELLAS OPENED AND HELD AT THEIR SIDE... occupying as much space as they possibly can. I noticed that the guys closed their umbrellas and walked with them like walking sticks.. but the gals... uh uh.

The last experience I had with these "female space occupiers" was this morning, while going up the escalator of the MRT. I walk up the escalator (to save time), then when I got near this woman in front of me, she started walking too... then abruptly stopped beside ANOTHER person riding the escalator. Of course, there wasn't any way I could get past them. Again, what was up with that??!?!

Aaahh... the female mind is really a mystery.

Any of the women folk out there who care to give me an explanation to this phenomenon, please feel free to leave a comment below.


Ilyn said...

Hmm... I don't know. Your first case, maybe they are teenage girls who think the world revolves around them and don't care those who are around them.

Second case, I am sometimes guilty of that. Nakakatamad kasi to open and close an umbrella especially if it is bi- or trifold and really wet and closing will splash water all around. However, if it is a really crowded space, I close my umbrella.

Last case, MRT escalators are just too narrow for me. If that's the same escalator you're on, I would have done the same thing. Why? I really have trouble being touched, even oh so slightly, by strangers. If someone is bound to get past me, he/she is bound to touch my arm and my personal bubble/space will be violated which will cause me to really, really lose my patience. That's why I try hard to avoid crowded spaces. Maybe, just maybe, she's also like that so moving forward is her way of avoiding the fact that you'd most likely touch her. Or maybe, she's just have some issues about somebody else getting ahead of her or something?

Or they have their own particular reasons during those particular moments. Maybe.

Reno said...


In the first case... they were dressed in office attire, so i don't know if they were just "newbies" straight out of school or not. But that particular incident happens too often that I wonder if there's something in most women's psyches that makes them do that.

Second case... okay. Understandable.

Third...the escalator was wide enough for two (even three if you squeeze together) so there was plenty of room for her not to get bumped by someone walking up the escalator. Your latter explanation seems more likely, since that also applies to guys while driving. There's just something about another car overtaking you that makes you want to overtake them too.

Thanks for commenting, Ilyn!

Ed said...

Hmm...hate those kinds of women. I'll say sorry kung masagi ko sila ng konti. I mean, yeah. Maraming babae kala mo reyna sila ng daan, lalo na sa Makati. I encountered same thing, I couldn't pass these girls all in one row...like five yata sila. I had to go sa meeting and I was a bit late (15 minutes). I was walking so fast, then isa sa kanila nasagi ko and I said sorry. Tinignan ako ng matalim. Parang papatay ba.

Same thing sa escalators, pero understandable naman yung naencounter ko. Kasi mga teenagers or college students. Medyo crowded ang escalator, pinauna ko sila pero binigyan ako ng sign na mauna...then I hopped on sa escalator...pero nung sumunod sila...all of them walked in front of me, they shoved be back. Take note...they giggled too they thought it was funny. Fuck them, sabi ko sa sarili ko.

Sa umbrella case naman...kung nakakatamad magtupi ng payong wag na magdala. :P (sori Ilyn) Ganun ako. Pag tinatamad ako magtupi, di na lang ako magdadala. Okay lang mabasa, matutuyo naman...at di naman ako madaling magkasakit pag nauulanan eh. Hehehehe.


Reno said...

Di ba, ed? The first case that i mentioned, madalas mangyari yon. Di ko talaga alam kung bakit.

monsanto said...

Hmmm, dapat talaga may rules sa escalators eh. kung ayaw mo umakyat go to the right side. Sa mga nagmamadali, sa left sila dapat dadaan. Ganyan yata sa ibang bansa. Are we really that inconsiderate?

reno said...

Alam ko nga may bansa na amy rule na kung di ka nagmamadali, dun ka tumayo sa isang side, paar libre yung mga naglalakad na maglakad sa kabila.

Ed said...

In England people are so polite. They say "excuse me" and "sorry" twing may nasasagi sila or something. Kahit slight lang na tapik they'll say sorry. Minsan kahit ma-block lang ang for micro-seconds they'll say sorry. I actually adopted na yung habit na ganun...which is sana lahat tayo ganun.

Gaah! Some women.