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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

I haven't been participating much in the Thursday Comic Webring, so I think I'll make a contribution this week. Yeah, I know, it's only Wednesday, but I'll jump the gun a little.

And, truth to tell, I think the only one in the webring who's been actively posting new strips is Jonas. He he. Sorry Jonas!

Anyway, this is the aborted EXODUS comic book adaptation. I don't know if EK (that's Enchanted Kingdom, ya know) will still be pushing through with this project with another creative team, but this is what it would have looked like if we (that is, Bong Leal and me. He did the backgrounds and colors) had done it.

Bong has also posted some of these images in his blog, sans dialogue. So I thought I'd post it here WITH dialogue (HA! Nasapawan kita, pre. hehehe.)

Click on the links below...

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And, check out the other guys in the webring!

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Jonas Diego said...

Say, come to think of it...oo nga ano? Ako na lang. Ha ha ha! :D

Reno said...

Ok lang yun, Jonas. Enjoy naman kami sa strips mo. :)

Jac said...

OMG! Nakita ko yan! Sabi na ikaw gumawa nun e :D

Ed said...

Astig! *dies*

Reno said...

Sa totoo lang, malakki ang naitulong ng kulay at backgrounds ni bong. kalahati ng credit ay dapat sa kanya. =)

jac... san mo nakita 'to?


Tsktsktsk..SAYANG talaga..
Maganda yong pagkagawa nyo..kuhang kuha yong movie scenes.
Mganda yong script, line art at saka yong colors...sayang, sana itinuloy na lang.. I commend sa ginawang pag direct ni Eric Matti dito, pwede na nating ipagmalaki, ayos yong innovation ng Exodus sa Pinoy Film.gusto ko yong delivery.

By the way, check my fanart for Maskarado, here's the link:

sana magka movie rin ang maskarado

Reno said...

Sana nga, John. :)

Post ko dito ang Maskarado art mo ha?


Sure! Its an honor.And It means you like it..Im thinking of more action pin up of Maskarado other than what I post in DA.Yong Nakikipag away na talaga sya..Soon.:)^____^Regards!