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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Another one of my indy US projects has finally seen a release, this one coming from ULTIMATE COMICS GROUP, LLC. I've drawn a short story detailing the origin of one of their superheroes named ESSENCE. It's part of STORMBLAZER #0. The solicitation reads...

Stormblazer Issue 0
This Fantastic ORIGIN issue contains 23 whopping story pages and includes the origins of Stormblazer, Essence AND Ultimate. Find out the history behind your favorite UCG characters.
Cover Art: Rod Jacobsen,
Written by: John Lai,
Art: Charles Wright, Lewis Smith, Reno Maniquis & Russell Walton,
Inks by: Lewis Smith, Timothy Gula, Reno Maniquis & Russell Walton,
Colors by: Isai Leal, Terrence Paris Kirton, John Lai & Shaun (Gaspode) Lewis

Samples of some of the pages I did...

You can purchase the comic online here.

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