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Saturday, January 12, 2008

I don't think I've posted this piece before...

I was originally supposed to illustrate a KID CONTINUUM story for a PROJECT HERO sequel from Vin Simbulan and friends, but the project (no pun intended) didn't push through. Thank God I only did the mock cover page (hehe)!

Kid Continuum can be seen regularly in the pages of K-Zone (whose blog is, coincidentally, also titled Ka-Blog!). The series is brought to life by it's co-creators, the aforementioned Vin Simbulan and the always brilliant Andrew Drilon.

Well, K-Zone? How's that for free plugging? Send me some freebies! I'm looking at you, Koko! :)

I've just realized, with the previous piece I've posted and this one, it's done in a style that I don't usually do, with not much of the rendering and brushstrokes inherent in my work. It's also a slightly "cartoonier" style. Which style do you guys prefer? Yeah, I'm referring to the two of you who actually visit this blog. :P


Daniel Ted said...

The style is great.

Reno said...

Cool, Daniel. Glad you liked it!