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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Another EXODUS PROJECT feature!

This time, I'll be featuring designs I did for the Santelmo character SILAB, played by BJ Forbes.

This more or less what Silab looked like in the movie. The publisher thought that his costume here was too "modern," and did not fit a "sword & sorcery" setting. I could see his point. A yellow jumpsuit was really out of place in EXODUS' setting.

A study of Silab's head. As you can see from my notes, I wanted his eyes to be red, and his hair actual flames (a la Firestorm). I think the flaming hair was what they intended for the movie, but I guess they opted for red hair due to budget constraints.

This is study 1, more of a swashbuckler-type. I had intended a backstory for Silab that he is prince of the Santelmo race, since we first see him hiding inside the ruins of a castle. So the swashbuckler/princely attire suited this backstory.

Study 2 shows Silab as more of the street urchin/warrior type. Not too much story behind this design, just wanted to throw every possibility I could think of.

And lastly, study 3 is a shaolin-inspired outfit, since in the movie, there are two shaolin kids who appear out of nowhere to help Silab fight. I guess they're flame constructs that he whips out in times of need. This costume is more in tune with that idea.

I can't remember which one the publisher preferred, but for me personally I would have gone for study 1, since it ties in with his supposed backstory.

SILAB property of The Enchanted Kingdom, Inc.

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Manilaboy said...

The original design looks as if the prince is ready to go on a Sarafi adventure. Lalo na kung khaki pa ito, para talagang gano'n na nga. The 2nd illustration looks somewhat English, particularly, the 15th-16th centuries, when the use of the codpiece was so prevalent. My personal opinion, this is the best design among the studies, and if the codpiece was removed altogether, it might have given a more nondescript look, and would be fantastic for the fantasy feature. That said, I'd say you're a fantastic costume designer. You might consider your own RENO Designer shirt, pants, shoes, and not very far away, eau de cologne et eau de toilette.

How about RMMP - the male version of Donna Karan's DKNY - Donna Karan New York.

RMMP - Reno Maniquis Manila Philippines.

Seriously, you have a knck for designing outfits.

Gay designers - move aside, please. Let's have a real male creature for once. Heeeeeeere's RMMP!

Reno said...

He he. Thanks, Mr. Joemari. But after watching episodes of PROJECT RUNWAY, I don't think I can cut it as a fashion designer, although I've been accused of being a metrosexual every now and then (which I don't think is true, by the way). =)

Maybe you'd like to model for me? hahaha!