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Friday, September 01, 2006

I thought I'd post some more sketches of the "EXODUS PROJECT" here. First up, sketches of the main man, Exodus himself...

Here's a study of Exodus' face. I tried to get a considerable likeness of the actor who played him, Sen. Ramon "Bong" Revilla Jr., and tried to beef up the face a little by giving him a more prominent jawline. I also simplified the hair, since in the movie version he had this unruly hair and little braids (a la Padawans in Star Wars).

Here, we have a full-body shot of Exodus. The chest plate has been improved, since some movie critics have said that it looked like he was wearing a bra. I've also redesigned the flap running down between his legs, making it look more heavy for added protection. Here, he is also seen brandishing two swords (or "bahi"). He had two swords in the original screenplay, but I guess it was scrapped in favor of just one. All in all, only minimal redesigning was done.

Here's Tayho, the character played by Benjie Paras. Minimal redesigning, too.. just some tweaking on his body tattoos and making his feet more hoof-like. You can also see a small inset of Tayho in centaur-mode. This was in the original screenplay and we were also going to re-insert it into the comic book. He could switch back and forth from human to centaur if he needed to.

Next week, more designs for the other characters!

All characters are property of The Enchanted Kingdom, Inc.

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Ed said...

Nice! I like the four-legged Tayho. :)


Gio Paredes said...

Nice drawing.
I'm just wondering. Bakit hindi natuloy ang exodus project nyo? Sayang naman. Ang gaganda pa naman ng mga characters at ng mga few pages na nagawa nyo na.

Reno said...


The less said about it, the better. =)


The four-legged Tayho idea is fromt he original screenplay by Dwight Gaston, so he gets credit for that. =)