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Thursday, September 14, 2006

It's time for the EXODUS PROJECT. This may be the last time I'm going to post some art about this topic, since I've run out of them, anyway. Unless Bong somehow gets to return some of the unfinished art to me and I find the time to scan them.

This time, the aswang Bangkila gets the re-design treatment. She was played in the movie by the sexy Aubrey Miles.

This is how Bangkila more or less appeared in the movie, with trenchcoat, metal claws and wings, plus aviator goggles.

I'm a big XENA fan, and I remember one episode where Xena sports a samurai-styled outfit. This was inspired by that. I think the long sleeves and crotch flap of the original design worked well. It gave a sense of motion, especially when she's flying, so I tried to incorporate that here. I also gave her bat wings, which is more in keeping with her being an aswang.

This one has more of a medieval vampire feel. I tried to incorporate the feel of the trenchcoat from the original design by adding a cape-like trail behind her, though I made the front part sexier by keeping her shorts "short," so to speak. As with all versions, her claws are now retractable, since in the movie version the claws were permanently there. Her wings are like that of an archaeopteryx, leather-like but with feathers.

This last design has a dominatrix/warrior feel to it. I felt like I went over-the-top here a bit, adding unnecessary metal thingies to the costume. I've kept the blade-like wings in this design. Of the three, this is the one I liked least.

My first choice would be the samurai outfit, since it still evokes most of the elements from the original design. I wouldn't want the characters to be virtually unrecognizable from their film counterparts.

For Iya Villania's character Lin-Ay, I didn't do any re-designs, since her costume was fine the way it was.

That's it. Hope you've enjoyed seeing this stuff. Here's the rest of the Thursday Webring...

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Anonymous said...

psst reno!

walang kinalaman to sa pinost mo.

Reno said...

Walang kinalaman ang post mo sa pinost ko? yun ba ibig mong sabihin? Nalito ako, ah.

annie said...

haha oo. yun na yun.

balita ko legal ang prostitution sa singapore. hmm yun kaya ang dahilan kung bakit napili ni law na magtrabaho dun? :P kaya nung una nagulat yung tatay ko akala nya ibubugaw ako ni law. hahaha.

kamusta buhay dentsu? :)

Reno said...

Lagot siya kay kapitan! :P

OK naman dito dentsu. same same pa rin. ;)

mangguhit said...

okey ba dyan sa dentsu?

balita kay law?

Reno said...

Pambihira kayo ni Annie! walang kinalaman sa post ko mga comment niyo! :P

Si Law nagpapakabinata sa Singapore. hehehe.

mangguhit said...

he he he...nagmumurang kamatis...

launch nga pala ng psicom horror comics sa komikon.